How to make a wedding photo album? Simple Guide

What can be more magical than the union of two people in love? A solemn ceremony, a special atmosphere, sincere congratulations… Creating a wedding photo album will help you remember the touching moments years later. 

When planning an unforgettable ceremony, you should make an agreement on cooperation with a professional photographer. The company Vanillabrides offers clients the best photography wedding packages, such as: 

  • photo shooting;
  • photo album design;
  • making a photobook. 

So, what’s the difference, you ask? Read about it in our article.

Personalized wedding photo albums usually consist of stunning images. 

They look original and creative, but many newlyweds find it difficult to choose where to place and design photos. Some smart tips on this aspect are presented below.

Break it down by section

Pictures lined up in order of events will be a long-lasting reminder of the happy day. Start with the bride getting dressed, the first meeting of the groom and his beloved, the ceremony, and end with a rousing party. Don’t forget the decorative elements.

The whole story on the photo

No amateurism, only professional photography! An experienced specialist won’t miss even the smallest detail: the place of celebration, the first dance of the young couple, looks of the guests and even decorated napkins. Create your own wedding album taking into account every detail. You can also add photos of loved ones who couldn’t attend the ceremony.

Diverse shots

Say no to monotony! Use different directions: frank shots harmonize with staged, festive ones. The right combination gives the album creativity and uniqueness, conveys the sensuality of the magical day.

Joyful emotions

Making a wedding photo album involves not only capturing touching moments, but also interesting situations. Curious incidents at the altar, fiery dancing, getting icing on your face from a wedding cake and other interesting moments. You will remember your magical day with pleasure many years later.

What will be the first and last picture

Every holiday story has a beginning and the end. You can choose the photo you want to start your album with and the one that ends the story of your best day.

Not just photos

Creating a wedding photo album is about more than just your photos. Add decor elements, leave some space for wishes and homemade souvenirs. 

Don’t put off ordering a photo album

Do not put off creating a photo album for a long time. Act quickly. After a while, you will have new occasions for a photo session: honeymoon, pregnancy, birth of a child and so on. Have time to capture the magical moments of your life!

Photos are printed directly on paper in a wedding photo book. A unique background, different style directions, and page format are chosen according to your preferences.

Vanillabrides talks about some ways to create a beautiful photobook.  Creating a wedding photo book: steps you need to know. 

Determining the size, style of the photobook

These parameters depend on the number of photos you want to preserve for future generations. Our photographer will help you choose the right size of the book, design. You will find many templates to choose your individual one.

Type of cover

This is an important aspect. First, your first photo together will be captured. Vanillabrides presents a wide range of options. The product in leather binding is especially popular. This is a classic option for all times. The eco-leather offered by Vanillabrides is eco-friendly and retains its original appearance for a long period of time.

Ready wedding photos

The process of making wedding day cards takes a lot of time. However, it is worth showing patience to get quality material. It is recommended to arrange with the photographer in advance about getting digital sources. This will help to avoid misunderstandings in the design of the book.

Choose the best photos

When designing a memorable photobook, it is recommended to correctly dilute the ceremonial, staged, common photos with shots of the decor elements. Organically combined photos will add charm and uniqueness to the design.

Choose the layout according to your taste

You can make a photobook on your own, order its design from a real specialist or choose a layout at Vanillabrides. You will definitely find an acceptable way for you.

The book of your day

Do not be afraid to show creativity, individuality in the design of the memory of your dreams. You can choose the type of paper, the structure of the pages, or the gift wrap to go with the basic design. You will find what you need from the many options presented.


After making the necessary adjustments, check once again how the final version of the product will look like. Make sure to double-check all pages for errors or imperfections, and you’ll have the photo book of your dreams!