How to Choose the Right Vape

Vapes are getting more and more popular nowadays, and if you’re either interested in trying out vaping or are already vaping and want to know what else to try, this article is for you. We talk about the types of vapes available in the market and their advantages that you might enjoy, helping you buy the right one. Read on!

Types of Vapes

Different types of vape kits exist in the market, and they’re often broken into the following categories:

  • Disposable Vapes: touted as the simplest type of vapes, these devices are completely disposable, non-refillable, and non-rechargeable. They come in a wide variety of flavors from an equally wide range of brands. Myle UAE is one of the top brands among disposable vape companies.
  • Pod Vapes: with the popularity of JUUL vape kits, pod vapes have also grown in demand — many brands are releasing their own versions of closed and open pod vapes.
  • Box Mods: the most advanced types of vapes, box mods have features such as power and temperature control, along with customizable settings. Box mods can deliver huge and flavorful vape clouds. 

What to Look for in Vapes

Whether you’re buying your first vape or looking to upgrade your existing vape, you should consider the following to find the right device for you:

Pod Vapes

Two types of pod vapes exist in the market: open and closed systems. Closed pod systems are pre-filled and are super convenient. Meanwhile, open pod systems have refillable pods.

For closed pod systems, consider the following benefits:  

  • Ease of use: simply pop in the flavored pod of your choice and start vaping 
  • Battery use: closed pods have an average battery life of one to two days per charge 
  • Accessibility: closed pod systems can be found in many cigarette stores 

For open pod systems: 

  • Flavor: open pod systems let you use the flavor and nicotine strength you want 
  • Refillable: open pod systems are refillable and rechargeable 

Vape Pens

Vape pens are perfect for newbies that want to quit smoking and transition to vaping. They’re thin and simulate the feeling of cigarette smoking while using a similar vapor production as box mods. Other benefits of vape pens include: 

  • Size and shape: vape pens are compact and thin, which helps users transition from cigarettes to vapes. 
  • Vapor production: vape pens don’t produce huge vape clouds; they simply mimic the amount of smoke that a cigarette would create. This is ideal for new vapers and ex-smokers. 
  • Mouthpiece: vape pens are easy to vape — their mouthpieces are designed to also mimic traditional cigarettes, giving you the same feeling as puffing a traditional stick of cigarette.

Box Mods

Box mods are more advanced that pod and vape pens. They have adjustable wattage, temperature control, and removable batteries. They also have a regulated chipset with safety features, preventing electrical shorts. Other benefits include: 

  • Longer battery life: most box mods accept one to three removable batteries — you get more battery power and longer battery life. You can even carry extra batteries to switch on the go. 
  • Better vapor production: box mods produce copious amounts of vapor because users can use higher wattage. This is perfect for cloud chasers and vape enthusiasts. It’s also the main appeal of using box mods. 
  • Control: ultimately, box mods give vapers greater control over their device from temperature to cloud amount.

Overall, when choosing the right vape for you, figure out exactly what you want and what’s convenient for you. Many people like box mods’ advanced features, while casual vapers prefer disposables. Vape pens offer great convenience too. The choice is ultimately yours. 

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