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How Much CBD Is Absorbed In The Skin

CBD is now being labelled as one of the best remedies for a whole range of treatments, including skin inflammation, wounds, ageing, damaged skin and also conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. CBD can be applied in a number of ways, such as bath bombs, gummies, vapes, face scrubs and most commonly oils that are rubbed into our skin. It isn’t just the benefits to our skin that it possesses, there are also products like CBD topical for nerve pain and muscle soreness. 

Applying CBD to our skin will help protect our skin from infections and damage. In this article we want to look into how CBD gets into our skin and how much is absorbed.

How CBD Enters Our Skin

CBD helps to support our endocannabinoid system. It does this by maintaining homeostasis and levelling our serotonin. This will have both physical and mental benefits. It enters our skin when the oil or cream has been rubbed in, but it doesn’t reach as far as our bloodstream, which means it is extremely safe. A common misconception people have about CBD products is that it may have psychoactive side effects, but this simply just isn’t the case. CBD products sold legally contain little to no THC, which is the compound from the cannabis plant that makes you feel high. The legal limit of THC in products is 0.3%. 

Marijuanna is derived from a cannabis plant, which contains the compound THC and that is illegal. Typically, people who use this drug will smoke it and by doing so, it will enter their bloodstream. If they were to be tested after use, whether it be from a blood test or hair follicle, it would result in them failing the drug test. This cannot occur for people using CBD as it isn’t illegal and won’t show on a drugs test.

Topical CBD is any cream or oil which has CBD as the main ingredient. The CBD will affect skin cells known as sebocytes, producing sebum. Once the CBD is absorbed through the hair follicles, it will then target the treatment areas and activate the cannabinoid receptors in order to soothe the skin and ease pain, due to the properties it possesses. 

It is unknown just how much CBD will enter your skin as it depends on how much you apply. As a beginner, we recommend keeping your doses small to allow your body to get used to the product. In some cases, people can experience side effects, which is why it’s important to keep the doses small to begin with. These side effects might be because they are experiencing an allergic reaction. Everyone can react differently. If you do experience any side effects then it’s important you contact your healthcare professional to seek advice.

Do We Recommend CBD Goods?

With the studies that we have at our aid, it would be fair to say that we value and deem CBD to be completely safe, to the point where we would recommend it to people who are looking to improve their skincare routine and certainly to those that suffer with skin conditions. CBD has also been known to have anti-ageing properties which is a common insecurity for a lot of people. Check out more recommended CBD goods like CBD hydrating serum (50ml, 500g CBD) and CBD food.


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