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How do you feel about Puerto Rico possibly becoming the 51st state?

How do you feel about Puerto Rico possibly becoming the 51st state?

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We’ve got an exciting topic to discuss today: the possibility of Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state. Puerto Rico is currently a U.S. territory, but they’re thinking about changing that and becoming a full-fledged state. 

How do you, as an American, feel about this potential change? Maybe you have some strong opinions about it. Let’s see what Americans like you have to say about Puerto Rico possibly joining the statehood club. Well, get ready to hear different views and feelings on this important matter.

So recently Redditor ask in public, “Americans, how do you feel about Puerto Rico possibly becoming the 51st state?

Here is what the Reddit community thought about it.

In this article, we have listed the most upvoted comments received for the above question on the AskReddit thread.

I’m Puerto Rican and I can tell you that support for statehood and the commonwealth is almost evenly split. Practically nobody supports independence.  

It’s important to note that very few people support the idea of independence for Puerto Rico. Some individuals embrace the idea of Puerto Rico joining the United States as a state, while others may have reservations or different viewpoints. 

I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

A neutral response suggests a lack of strong opinion, possibly due to limited knowledge or personal connection to Puerto Rico. It could suggest that the individual may not have enough knowledge or personal connection to Puerto Rico to form a strong emotional attachment or opinion regarding its statehood.

We should stick with 50 states. And since Puerto Rico has more people than several states, we should make it a state and combine the 2 Dakota into one state.

Some believe that sticking with the existing 50 states is the best course of action, while others see the inclusion of Puerto Rico as a positive step, especially considering its population size surpassing that of several current states. Additionally, some suggest merging the two Dakotas into one state to maintain the balance.

As far as I can tell PR citizens are still split inside their nation about joining the union. I kinda feel like they should be on the same page first. That said, I would support them if it was a question of my support.

All I ask is that we find two other states to add as well. Make it 53. Truly a nation indivisible.  

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