Why Did Hitler Hate the Jews?

Did Adolf Hitler actually Hated Jews?

So many things have been said and written about the man known as Adolf Hitler, and, indeed, he didn’t end up on the right side of history. While Hitler represented so many things, it is his hatred of the Jewish people that stood out. He is known to have presented antisemitic rhetoric that caused the death of about 6 million Jews during the Holocaust. Let’s dive into a brief history of Hitler and everything he represented, including his hatred of the Jews.

Who is Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany’s Nazi Party. He rose through the party’s ranks to become one of the most influential and brutal dictators of the 20th century. He was born on April 20, 1889, in Braunau am Inn, a small town in Austria bordering Germany. His father, Alois Hitler, was a retired customs officer. So, Hitler spent most of his early days in Linz, the capital of Upper Austria. 

After his father’s death in 1903, he dropped out of secondary school to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. However, he couldn’t land a place in Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts. After the death of his mother, Klara, in 1908, he moved to Vienna, where he continued painting and selling the pieces. 

His loneliness made him a voracious reader, and he slowly gained interest in politics. It was during this period he formulated most of his Nazi ideologies. 

After stints in the military, he joined the German Workers’ Party in 1918. His gift of oratory meant he led the propaganda efforts of the party. The political landscape in Germany during the early 1900s was in disarray. Hitler took advantage of this situation to win absolute power for himself.

Who is Alois Hitler Jr.?

Alois was the father of Adolf Hitler. who was born on June 7, 1837, was an Austrian civil servant in the customs service. Alois was an illegitimate child and bore the name of his mother, Schicklgruber.

Alois Hitler - Wikipedia
Adolf Hitler’s Father Alois Hitler

He was initially a shoemaker before he left the trade to become a customs official. Alois was in two previous marriages before marrying Klara Polz, the mother of Adolf and Paula. He was said to have been rough with his family and particularly having a difficult relationship with his son Adolf. 

Hitler’s role in the first world war

Hitler said he was awed by the enthusiasm of the German public at the declaration of war that he sank to his knees. He asked if, as a foreigner, he could enlist in the German army. His request was granted, and on August 16 he became a member of a Bavarian reserve regiment. Ten weeks of training followed. 

His regiment, called regiment “List,” named after the commander, first saw action on October 29, 1914 at the First Battle of Ypres. This battle lasted for weeks and was a very bloody affair. Hitler was promoted to corporal and given an Iron Cross. After several battles, Hitler took shrapnel in his thigh. He would not return to active duty till March 1917. Hitler gained a regimental diploma and wound badge for his bravery. 

Hitler’s regiment was eventually defeated in an Allies and he was nearly blinded after a gas attack. He was crushed by the German’s defeat in the war and the treaty of Versailles. Years later, Hitler would blame the Jews for Germany’s defeat in World War One. 

Did Hitler invent the hatred of the Jews?

Netanyahu says Hitler didn’t want to kill the Jews, but a Muslim convinced him to do it

Hitler did not invent the hatred of the Jews. Since the Middle Ages, Jews in Europe had been victims of discrimination and persecution.

However, two people greatly influenced Hitler’s antisemitic thinking. They were George Ritter von Schonerer, a German nationalist, and Karl Lueger, mayor of Vienna.

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