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Hiring a TBI Lawyer: Everything You Need to Know

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How fast is information traveling your brain?

When neurons are stimulated, electrical impulses travel from brain cell to brain cell at a rate of 268 mph! It isn’t until you experience some type of brain injury that you realize all of the small and large tasks your brain’s constantly completing. If your brain was recently injured in a car accident, then this article is for you.

This guide will explain the top reasons to secure a TBI lawyer. We’ll even provide a few tips for finding the best type of attorney, without going over your budget.

How can an attorney help you get your life back on track? Read on to find out!

Find an Experienced TBI Lawyer

What type of traumatic brain injury are you dealing with? TBI is a very broad term that covers a wider range of brain injuries. When you’re hiring a lawyer to represent your injury claim, it’s helpful to find one with experience handling cases similar to yours.

While you’re interviewing potential law firms, find out what type of brain injury cases they have experience handling.

When to Lawyer Up

If you’ve never filed a lawsuit before, the thought of hiring a lawyer can be intimidating. After all, how can you be sure you need legal counsel?

Any time you experience an injury after a car accident, you should always hire a Seattle car accident lawyer.

However, if you’re still doubting whether or not to secure legal counsel, even after getting a traumatic brain injury diagnosis, it’s probably because you’re not aware of what your lawyer will do for you.

Hiring a lawyer doesn’t mean that you’re trying to ruin the other driver’s life or cause them undue pain and suffering. Instead, by securing legal counsel you’ll be guaranteeing that you have a trustworthy guide to walk you through courtroom procedures. To help ease any concerns you might have about whether or not you should get a lawyer, we suggest setting up a free consultation.

During your consultation, you can explain the details of your case and provide the potential lawyer with all of the related medical documents. After getting all of the information, the lawyer will be able to give you an honest opinion about whether or not you should pursue a personal injury claim.

Trial Ready Personal Injury Lawyer

When someone files a personal injury claim, it doesn’t instantly mean that they are going to trial. Instead, your lawyer will do everything they can to help settle your case outside of the courtroom. By settling your injury claim outside of the courtroom, you’ll be up to speed things up and save money.

Settlement award checks can arrive weeks, if not months sooner when you choose to forgo a trial. However, certain situations call for a trial. The details of your case may constitute taking things into the courtroom. If a trial becomes inevitable, you need someone, like these attorneys, who are willing to go there.

During your free consultation, find out whether or not the lawyer thinks your case will go to trial. Get specific details about why they do or don’t think your case will go to trial. If the lawyer doesn’t believe your case will need to go to trial, ask them what circumstances would justify a trial.

Lastly, find out if the attorney you’re considering hiring will go to trial for you if the need arises. Sometimes a personal injury lawyer will have strict in-house rules against taking cases to trial. Even if the case could benefit greatly from being inside a courtroom, some lawyers aren’t willing to put in the effort.

While there’s no guarantee your case will need to go to trial, the option should remain open to you. Always hire a lawyer who is willing to go to trial if the need arises.

Get Recommendations

Do you know someone who has already experienced a brain injury from a car accident? If yes, reach out to them to get a lawyer referral. You can also ask questions about what their experience was like settling their injury claim, to help prepare you for the road ahead.

After getting a lawyer referral, find out why they would recommend this attorney. Was the attorney able to win their case for them? Was the attorney-customer service oriented and professional? The more details you can get about the lawyer your friends are recommending, the better equipped you’ll be to decide whether or not they’re the right choice for you. 

Find Online Reviews

Moving on, do a quick online search for a TBI lawyer near me. After finding several attorneys that handle personal injury cases, start reading customer reviews. When you’re reading customer reviews, look for recent reviews that give detailed accounts.

A customer simply saying they enjoyed the outcome of their trial isn’t enough. Instead, look for detailed reviews that give you an inside look into the client experience.

Are you waiting to get an attorney because you don’t know how you’ll afford one? Don’t let finances hold you back from getting the legal representation you need. Oftentimes, personal injury lawyers are willing to work on a contingency fee basis.

A contingency payment plan means that you won’t have to pay anything unless you receive a settlement award. Once you receive the settlement award, your attorney will get a pre-agreed percentage of the total award amount. Before agreeing to any type of contingency plan, asked to see the details of the arrangement.

Get the Help You Deserve

It’s clear see, you should start your search for an experienced attorney today. Go ahead and reach out to your friends and family members to get TBI lawyer recommendations. Finally, go online and do a quick search to find attorneys in your area.

The moment you set up your free consultation, you’ll feel as if a weight’s been lifted off your shoulders. After all, hiring an attorney means you’re no longer fighting this battle alone. For more tips like the ones found in this guide, check out the rest of this site.

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