Why High Visibility Shirts Are a Must for Runners

In many situations, getting noticed is important for improving your life. When running near roads, being noticed is important for continuing to live your life.

Motorists process a lot of information when driving and don’t always notice smaller, slower objects. Wearing high visibility shirts helps runners move up on the attention bandwidth and be seen by drivers.

If you don’t want to cut your running career short by being on the wrong end of a man vs multi-tons of metal fight, you need to be proactive in garnering attention.

The following illustrate the advantages of this new technology in clothing.

Three Advantages of High Visibility Shirts

Running is a difficult, energy-intensive activity. For this reason, among others, you’re more likely to run early in the morning or at night. Both so these times have issues with reduced visibility of pedestrians.

As a runner, your safety is in your hands. No amount of legal protections or ‘right of way’ helps as you’re being plowed into by a car. Fortunately, wearing high-visibility clothing provides three main benefits to enhance your safety.

Larger Profile

First, custom printed safety vests break up the usually sleek runner body to create a larger presence. The lightweight material doesn’t add much drag but does create an unnatural shape, which is easier to see.

Reflective clothing casts a halo, amplifying ambient light sources and gives you more of a presence to motorists and other runners. The use of reflective materials in addition to bright colors assists when there are few external lights.

Adding in bright materials on gloves and shoes completes the effect, providing visibility touchstones for motorists to detect something living beyond their windshields.

Direction of Motion

Being seen is only one step in the safety process. It is also important that motorists have some idea of your motion and direction. This way they can react appropriately if you cross the road, stumble, or otherwise change course.

Reflective patterns that help determine the direction of motion led to significantly increased driver reaction times. Adding stripes and tapered arrows to high a visibility jacket provides additional cues to keep a highway-hypnosis brain from overly simplifying your motion.

This is especially important at intersections where drivers frequently attempt to take right-hand turns without considering crossing pedestrians.

Correcting Refractive Errors

Finally, even if you are visible, that doesn’t mean you are seen. Many adults have unknown or uncorrected refractive errors. That is, they drive with glare blindspots that they are unaware of.

Glare blindspots are an inability to notice motion when accompanied by a bright light. Even if you are crossing a street in a spotlight, if the light is coming from one direction, a motorist may be effectively blind.

Adding additional items such as a high visibility hoodie provides a level of refraction that makes being seen, even through refractive errors, possible.

Be Seen!

In the end, high visibility shirts and clothing provide a lot of safety for a small cost. Unlike blinking lights, they also help distinguish a person from another motorized vehicle.

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