Everything you Need to Know About ENT Doctors

ENT doctors have been around for a long period of time but there are still some things that a lot of people don’t understand about these doctors. ENT doctors at Shelton as well as other parts of America are visited by millions of people daily which makes them an essential part of the medical industry.


These ENT doctors also specialize in various ailments. For instance, there are Plano sinus doctors that have extensive knowledge about that particular nose problem and the best ways to fix it. There are a lot of questions that are frequently asked by people all over the world regarding ENT’s and here we will answer a few of them.

What is Otolaryngology?

Otolaryngology is one of the oldest medical specialties in the United States. These are basically physicians that are trained in medical as well as surgical management and specialize in treating patients who suffer diseases and disorders concerning the ears, nose, and throat. They are also commonly known as ENT specialists. 

Who is an ENT specialist?

An ENT specialist is a person that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a plethora of ailments that are primarily located in the ears, nose, throat, head, and neck. ENT doctors are a major part of the medical industry as a lot of the daily patients who schedule an appointment with a doctor for any ENT issue are often seen by these specialists. 

What Does an ENT specialist Do?

ENT specialists are surgical and medical experts when it comes to the treatment of;

Conditions of the Ear

These doctors deal with patients that are suffering from ear conditions like hearing impairment, tinnitus, ear infections, or pain in the ear. ENT specialists can also treat the multiple congenital conditions of the ear. 

Conditions of the Nose

An ENT specialist also manages and treats patients who are suffering from all sorts of nasal problems and sinus infections. These specialists are qualified to diagnose, manage, and treat all of these problems.

Conditions of the Throat

Disorders and illnesses that are related to the throat are also treated by these ENT specialists. A throat disorder is any problem that can affect your speech, singing, digestion, and swallowing. 

Multiple ENT Associated Head and Neck Issues

ENT specialists are trained and well equipped to manage the various diseases and disorders that are associated with the head and neck regions. These specialists are also trained to perform reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. 

When Should I See an ENT Specialist?

Primary care doctors can easily take care of minor ailments that are associated with the ears, nose, and throat. However, if after receiving the initial treatment your condition has not improved then it might be a great idea to book an appointment with an ENT specialist. In addition to this, there are some conditions that warrant that you immediately see an ENT doctor. These conditions include nerve problems in the ears, nose, or throat, balance problems, dizziness, tonsil infection, tinnitus, down’s syndrome, hearing impairment, asthma, nose bleeds, sore throat, and hoarseness just to name a few. 

What to Expect in an ENT exam?

Normally an ENT exam is tailored according to the problem that you are suffering from. However, there are some common things that you need to be prepared for when you come in for an ENT exam. You should be ready to give a detailed medical history and be prepared for a thorough ear, throat, and nose exam. Instruments like tuning forks and microscopes will be used to test your hearing and a speculum or an endoscope might be used to properly examine your nose. 

These are some of the most common questions that are asked about ENT doctors which will help in being well-informed about them and know all the details that are necessary before you go in for an exam. 

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