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Have Your Phone Looking Like New!

Have Your Phone Looking Like New!

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Smartphones age like bananas, and sometimes even relationships. While they are convenient and useful, these devices are extremely fragile. Even well-known brands, like Samsung and Apple, cannot create indestructible gadgets.

When it comes to cell phones, hardware issues are more common and expensive compared to software ones. If you are reading this article, you probably have a cell phone with a broken screen or back cover that can cost you a fortune to fix it.

If you want to learn how to get your phone fixed without spending hundreds of bucks, keep on reading…

Reasons to Fix Broken Back Cover

Using a broken phone can cause a lot of problems. It is irritating and frustrating – especially if you are using a thousands of dollars worth of smartphone. We get an expensive phone so that we can experience the best. However, a phone with a broken back cover is certainly not the best, or is it?

While a broken phone can cause embarrassment, it can also lead to several other problems if not treated at the right time, such as:

  • Injuries – Most phones have a glass back covers. If you don’t repair a broken glass back cover, it can easily cut your finger, leading to infections. Moreover, the pieces of glass can also get attached to other things, causing more issues!
  • Water Damage – Smartphones, nowadays, are water-resistant. However, if your phone’s back cover is broken, the water can sip in to cause some severe problems, such as electrical issues and corrosion.

Just like these, a broken back cover can lead to several other issues. For instance, the crack can spread, making it hard for you to use your smartphone. Sometimes, the crack can even damage the camera of your mobile phone, which is certainly not a good thing! 

Shabby Looking Phone? WSA Can FIX It!

No one likes to use a shabby-looking phone. Plus, if your smartphone’s back cover is damaged, it can cause several other issues, as explained above! Therefore, you have to find out a solution to this problem as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the Wireless Solutions & Accessories has got you covered. They can easily and quickly fix a broken back cover. At WSA, you’ll be dealing with a professional team of experts. So, you can rest assured you are getting the best quality services.

Generally speaking, fixing a broken back cover can cost you a fortune. For instance, if you send back your iPhone to Apple, you might end up spending more than $600 just to fix a broken back cover. Alternatively, the WSA offers this service with a budget-friendly price tag.

You can get your phone fixed at the Wireless Solutions & Accessories without spending hundreds of bucks. They offer the best quality services that are quite affordable.

Why Select Wireless Solutions & Accessories?

There are thousands of stores out there that can repair the back cover of your phone, making it hard for you to pick a single place. Keep in mind that no two companies are the same, and the same goes for their service quality. Therefore, you have to invest your time before you invest your money.

Before you select the WSA, it’s completely reasonable to ask, why select the Wireless Solutions & Accessories? Well, the WSA is one of the most reliable and trusted stores available out there that is known for its unbeatable service quality and professionalism.

To give you a better perspective, below, we have compiled a list of reasons why you should select the Wireless Solutions & Accessories:

Multiple Stores

We recommend partnering up with the Wireless Solutions & Accessories before they offer convenience. While you can contact their team of experts through their website, they also offer multiple stores located in different states. 

As of today, the Wireless Solutions & Accessories have stores in Norman, Oklahoma, and Midwest City. You can visit these stops on your own to get same-day cell phone repair services.

Same-Day Repair

Yes, Wireless Solutions & Accessories offer same-day repair services. You don’t have to spend even a single day with a broken back cover or without your smartphone. You can simply visit their physical store to have your phone looking like new!

On average, the WSA can fix a broken back cover within four hours, which is quite impressive considering their quality and satisfaction.


The Wireless Solutions & Accessories provide a satisfaction warranty. They have been in the business since 2013 and have thousands of satisfied customers. So, you can rest assured you’re getting the best quality accessories and solutions for your wireless needs.


The Wireless Solutions & Accessories is nothing if not versatile. Regardless of your model, they can repair any smartphone and tablet, including Android devices, iPads, and iPhones. All you need to do is visit their store and let them do their magic.


Although their services are affordable, the Wireless Solution & Accessories is the name of professionalism and satisfaction. They have one of the most professional teams of experts that are highly educated and skilled.

Moreover, the WSA only uses the highest-quality tools and gadgets. They have great communication skills. They won’t try to sell you any unnecessary equipment just for the sake of money. At WSA, their goal is to offer customer satisfaction instead of making money!

In a Nutshell

No one likes a broken phone. Besides the unnecessary embarrassment, it can cause a lot of other issues. If your phone is broken severely, it can even make it impossible for you to use it. However, fixing a broken back cover is not that budget-friendly – unless you are visiting the Wireless Solutions & Accessories.

At WSA, you can partner up with a team of highly educated and skilled professionals that can fix your phone in no time. They even offer the same-day repair service, allowing you to get back your smartphone within 4 hours.

Although the WSA is known for its high-quality services, they are still quite affordable. By partnering up with the Wireless Solutions & Accessories, you’ll save a lot of bucks without compromising on the quality!

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