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Everything You Need to Know About Apple TV

Everything You Need to Know About Apple TV

Apple is one of the leading brands when it comes to tablets, cell phones, and smartwatches. Its media streaming device Apple TV was launched back in 2007 and has given tough competition to streaming players by Amazon and Roku ever since. Currently, two Apple TV models are available in the market: Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K 2021.

Apple TV is not a television set or a streaming service. It is a black-colored palm-sized plastic box that connects to your television sets through an HDMI cable. You can then connect it to your Wi-Fi and subsequently the content providers you wish to watch/use. These include videos, games as well as services, and apps like Netflix and Spectrum TV

Best Apple TV Features You Should Know About 

#1. Search By Voice

Both the models of Apple TV come with a Siri remote. It allows you to order Apple’s digital assistant and navigate the streamer by voice. Simply press the Siri button and ask for anything including title, cast, genre, and more. Then release the button and the device will search across all the available apps for you. 

#2. Remote Sensitivity Adjustment Option

The latest Apple TV remote has a touchpad, not directional buttons. But at times the surface of the touchpad can get very sensitive. If you’re facing difficulties using it because you tend to overshoot the apps, you can adjust/control how quickly or slowly you want it to scroll. Go to Settings, then select Remotes and Devices, and click on Touch Surface Tracking. You will see that the sensitivity is set to medium by default.ReelCraze is the destination for movie enthusiasts, people with diverse viewpoint to talk, casual entertainment lovers, to hardcore cinema buffs. You can change it to slow or fast. 

#3. Control Playback

With Apple TV, you have the convenience to control the playback and rewind or forward it as you like. For example, if you miss what someone said on screen, just tap the touch surface on the left and it will go back 10 seconds. Similarly, you can tap on the right if you want to skip a commercial by 10 seconds (at a time). 

You can ask Siri to ‘fast forward to 15 minutes and it will do it for you. And if you missed out on something, simply ask her ‘What did she say’ and the device will play it for you. 

#4. Use Dark Mode at Night

Apple TV’s interface has big, bright, and appealing images and colors. But you might not prefer that when watching in the dark. In that case, a muted look would work better. And you can get that by enabling the Dark Mode. By doing so, the home screen design would get darker and thereby more suitable for viewing in low/dim lights. 

To enable Dark Mode on Apple TV, simply go to Settings, click Appearance, and select Dark. 

#5. Use Any Remote

If you have a home theater system and your Apple TV is just a part of it, you would have a universal remote to control all the components. You don’t need to rely on the Siri app or remote to control the Apple TV in that scenario. You can use any remote for this purpose. However, you will need to help the device learn the features, buttons, and options of your universal remote. 

#6. Display Your iPad, Mac or iPhone on TV

With Apple TV, you have the comfort of projecting your Mac, iPad, or iPhone onto your HDTV. This is an excellent feature as it lets you view your photos on the big screen, give presentations, and play videos from your device. To do this, you have to use the AirPlay Mirroring feature that is built-in in macOS, tvOS, and iOS. 

#7 Set Parental Restrictions

Apple TV is useful for parents because it lets them block or limit the content that’s available to the children. You can easily filter movies, podcasts, TV according to age. So if you want to keep your kids from accessing certain content at home, go to Settings, click General, tap Restrictions and set a 4-digit code to enable them. 

#8. Compatible with Bluetooth

The Apple TV also has Bluetooth support. So you can easily connect it to gaming controllers, headphones, keyboards, and much more. To do this, click Settings, go to Remote and Devices, select Bluetooth and enable the pairing mode of your accessory.