What Is The Entry-Level Microsoft Azure Certification For DevOps?

Microsoft Azure certifications are one of the top credentials provided by Microsoft. The credentials help you understand the cloud architecture on which most enterprises host their projects.

Furthermore, Microsoft offers Azure DevOps that is a software as a service (SaaS) platform. It provides the entire DevOps toolchain for establishing and expanding software.

Let’s explore the entry-level Azure DevOps certifications before we move on to the best Azure certification training platform for Microsoft courses.

Entry-Level Azure DevOps Certifications

You must first obtain the Microsoft Azure Associate certificate before you appear for any Azure DevOps certification. This entry-level certification has two alternatives, Azure Developer and Azure Administrator.

  1. Azure Developer [AZ-204]

This certification essentially helps you learn all about implementing and developing cloud modelling, cloud storage, cognitive services solutions, Platform as a Service (PaaS), and security.

Moreover, the skills tested in this certification are the development of Azure storage and compute solutions, implementation of Azure security and consuming, and connecting to third-party services and Azure services.

  1. Azure Administrator [AZ-104]

This certification teaches how to implement, maintain and monitor Azure Solutions. It makes the candidate proficient in managing Azure governance and identities, developing and managing to compute Azure resources, and managing and configuring virtual networks.

Koenig Solutions is famous for its Azure Administrator certification courses and training. Their Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Certification training follows a set of modules that helps their students to excel in the certification examination.

Course Outline For Microsoft Azure Certification (DevOps)

#1 Module: Fundamentals For DevOps

The core of DevOps principles and practices are taught in this module. Students gain an understanding of the culture of DevOps and how it was developed. Identifying and eliminating destructive processes are practised and implemented by the students. Module #1 includes:

  • Foundation of DevOps
  • Developing and testing .NET Core Applications
  • Keeping track of work items using the Azure Boards
  • History and origins of DevOps

#2 Module: Writing Scripts Using PowerShell

This module will help students learn how to write automation scripts. The primary tools that will be useful include PowerShell core. The module will also explore the fundamentals of Azure PowerShell. As an infrastructure developer, Azure certifications like these will help you learn:

  1. Azure Cloud Shell
  2. Azure Automation
  3. Git
  4. GitHub
  5. Azure Repos
  6. VS Code

Module #2 includes:

  • Fundamentals of PowerShell
  • How to use and run the Azure Cloud Shell
  • Notes of Azure PowerShell from the field
  • Becoming proficient in the Azure PowerShell Az Module

#3 Module: Relation Between Infrastructure And Code

Students discover the basics of Infrastructure as Code and learn how to author, examine, and set up an automated infrastructure with the help of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. Module #3 includes:

  • Fundamentals of Infrastructure as Code
  • Setting up Azure templates for Microsoft Azure certification
  • Azure Resource Manager Templates and Azure Key Vault integration
  • How to use the Azure Pipelines

#4 Module: Managing Applications And Configuration of Data

Along with PowerShell DSC, students can use this module to perfect Azure automation for managing configuration in this Microsoft Azure certification module.

Delivering in pure PowerShell script, the event-based automation solutions with serverless functions are also taught in this module. Module #4 includes:

  • Designing scheduled Runbooks
  • Invoking and building Runbook Webhooks
  • Automation of the desired state with Azure
  • Automation of Azure Runbooks
  • Configuration of data and managing security
  • Implementing secured development processes

#5 Module: Serverless Functions That Are Event-Driven

This module of Microsoft Certification for DevOps teaches how to leverage useful Azure functions like native support for PowerShell Core. You’ll also learn how to use various Azure Az Modules.

Delivering event-based solutions by discovering the essential techniques and formulae used to leverage Powershell in Azure functions is understood in this stage.

Moreover, at the end of this module, the student will learn to deliver on-demand facilities with the help of serverless automation. Module #5 includes:

  • Practising and working with Serverless and Events Functions.
  • Developing and setting up of function applications
  • Building Events Subscriptions
  • PowerShell Core and Azure Functions Serverless Automation
  • How are the principles and fundamentals of Serverless functions and Events are used in this Microsoft cloud certification


Koenig Solutions’ outstanding and remarkable USPs makes them the most desirable for any Microsoft certification courses and training. They offer the most affordable and promising courses that provide 1-on-1 training and group training. The Azure certification cost for DevOps starts from only 40,000.


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