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Discover Why the Dark Green Dress Is the Next Wardrobe Staple

Discover Why the Dark Green Dress Is the Next Wardrobe Staple

Colors carry their own meanings, and they’re especially symbolic when used in fashion—what could be more meaningful than wearing statements on your body that you carry throughout your day? Maybe you have no idea what connotations are associated with the colors you’ve been wearing, but you doubt anyone looks at your color choices and sees elaborate messages there. 

Well, regardless of whether anyone recognizes the meaning behind the color of your dress, your outfit still exudes a feeling that’s recognizable to others. Dressing with color meanings in mind can give you a secret confidence; you’re choosing what mood and message you want to step into the day with. When you wear red to a business meeting, you exude a message of power and passion that others can’t ignore. When you wear yellow on a first date, you choose to reflect positivity and optimism, open to a fresh beginning no matter how the date goes. And when you wear dark green, you radiate balance, success, energy, peace, and healthy growth. 

Dark green reflects elegance for its jewel tone splendor. Green is also the color of freshness and life. Therefore, there’s no better way to wear a green dress than to wear a sustainably made one that helps you love the planet. Reformation has a gorgeous collection of dark green dresses that exude their deeper messages and were created through sustainable practices. Let’s look at some examples of the dark green dress that showcase the meanings behind the color—through the ambiance they foster and the sustainability impacts they’ve had. Who would you be in these dresses? Let’s see.

The Lissa Dress

It’s easy to see how a deep emerald green shade radiates balance and easy confidence. When you wear this full skirted dress with strapless bodice, you can’t help but appear effortlessly stylish. It’s due to the calming color and the way you carry yourself with ease while wearing this dress. Much of your relaxed state comes from the knowledge that you’re dressed in organic cotton; that means your dress was made without genetically modified seeds, reduced the amount of chemicals used in germination, and acted as a natural pesticide control to help sustain the land where it grew. Talk about a message of healthy growth!

Featuring the Lissa Dress in Forest.

The Burgundy Velvet Dress

You’re a picture of success in deep green velvet. Yes, your dress exudes a mood of sophistication and accomplishment, but not just in the manner most people associate with success; your dress matches your vibe of being content with who you are and what you have. There’s no kind of success like strong self-love and gratitude for the good things in your life. While you look like the portrait of glam, you care much more about the impact your life has on the world, which is why you chose to wear this non-stretch velvet that saved 8 lbs of carbon dioxide and 5 gallons of water in production and creation.

Featuring the Burgundy Velvet Dress in Forest.

The Daria Dress

You like to keep moving, and you’re always on the go. Between managing your work and personal lives and still being there for others, you rarely take a moment to relax. You’re energetic and infuse passion for life into everything you do—and you do a lot. Because of your self-appointed full lifestyle, you’re a whiz at managing your stress levels. This green mini dress lets you exude your peaceful nature, while the built-in shorts keep you covered on the go. You’re somewhat of an enigma for the way you seem so balanced, but it’s because you’ve learned to be good to yourself while being good to others. You wear this knit derived from recycled plastic bottles and feel great about the part you play in making the world a better place.

Featuring the Daria Ecomove Active Dress in Pine.

The Meadow Dress

You love spending time outdoors, be it at the beach, in the woods, or in the mountains. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get your fancy on with stunning jewel-toned dresses. Your real reason for selecting such a strong color, however, is because it reminds you of the landscapes that tug at your heart. You don’t just spend all your time in nature without giving back; protecting the beautiful world you love is a priority of yours, so you chose this viscose dress made from the wood pulp of sustainably managed forests. Wearing it is like carrying a little bit of the woods with you into your daily tasks. This dress sends out a message of energy—just what you need to help you be the change in the world.

Featuring the Meadow Dress in Forest.


Dark green represents peace, balance, energy, success, and the freshness of life. Wear green confidently and breathe in the sweetness of the statement it makes. These dresses are a great place to start your journey with dark green, as they were created and recycled into sustainable dresses that kept the good of the planet in mind during their production.

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