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Disadvantages Of Cloud Storage For Businesses

<strong>Disadvantages Of Cloud Storage For Businesses</strong>

Cloud Storage has become a very necessary part of business, nowadays every businessman and their employees are using cloud storage. If cloud storage has significant advantages apart from that it has some disadvantages. Let’s see about the Disadvantages Of Cloud Storage For Businesses.

Top Cons Of Using Cloud Storage For Business

There are various disadvantages that a business might face with the cloud service. These are as follows:

1) Limitation of Bandwidth:

The bandwidth given by cloud companies is sometimes less than required by businessmen to upload and download large data files. Different kinds of cloud companies provide different bandwidths which depend on their plans so the cost of large bandwidth is high and this increase the extra expense on the businessman. This disadvantage of cloud storage for businesses will affect the data uploading and downloading. However, if you are using the pCloud lifetime $49 plan then you might tackle this issue.

2) Security Issues:

The data which has been uploaded to the cloud doesn’t mean that data will be safe from hackers and malware attacks. Your data may be shared by the cloud storage company as well. So the confidential information of the companies like healthcare, financial services, and publicly traded may be compromised. So while purchasing cloud storage businessmen should choose the right company, apart from that they should be aware of what kind of information they have to upload to cloud storage. The data could be hacked by unauthorized persons so they can use it in their own way, which may be a danger for the whole organization.

3) Data Management:-

The structure of storing data of cloud storage companies may differ from the business organization structure so the integrity may not be the same. The way of storing the data will differ so it is difficult to search out particular information, it is also a time-consuming task such that data will store at random which creates difficulty to find relevant data at a particular time. Data management plays an important role to choose the right cloud storage. This drawback of cloud storage for business will affect the data structure of the company

4) Cost:

The cost of cloud storage is different for different purposes, for business purposes it might not be cheap because large cloud storage will be required for large businesses. If you using the monthly or yearly plan then you have to renew your plans after a given time which is very costly. And if you have forgotten or you didn’t renew your plan then after a sometimes your data may be a complete loss or this data could be sold out by the cloud storage company.

To tackle this problem, many cloud companies like Mega Cloud has started providing the Mega voucher code. This might not be that helpful but will at least cut a bit of cost for you.

5) Internet Connectivity:

Internet connectivity is a very necessary part of cloud storage. Without internet connectivity, access to cloud storage could not be possible. High-speed internet connectivity is required to access cloud storage. Large files required large data and high speed as in the case of the organization the data will be large the internet connection should be high speed as well. Without internet connectivity, not a single file can be downloaded. In some rural areas where the internet is not available the data of the company could not be accessed.

6) Support:

Support of the cloud storage companies is not good, If you are buying the free version of the cloud storage then it may be that the staff of the cloud storage companies will not help you further. You only have to provide the knowledge base or FAQs. So it is quite difficult to deal with the support of the cloud storage companies. Sometimes the data could be accessed so that time support from the cloud storage company will be required. It is a very important disadvantage of cloud storage for businesses.

7) Difficulty To Migrate:

It is very difficult to migrate from one cloud company to another as there are some difficulties such as it is a time-consuming process, for example, larger companies have their confidential data and data will be in a large size so it is difficult to manage them and it also costs time. Security of the data will be compromised as new cloud companies may be sold the data or they can share the confidential data with other companies. Apart from that, the data should be end-to-end encrypted so the cloud storage companies could not be able to see the data as well.

8) Cloud Downtime:

Cloud storage sometimes faces technical problems such as server down or severe errors time the access is not possible so it affects the companies time and data could not be available at that particular time.


So the overall conclusion is that cloud storage has many advantages apart from that it has many disadvantages that we have already discussed. Choose the right cloud storage according to your niche. I hope all the points that I have mentioned above will gonna help you to choose the best cloud storage. Hope you will understand about disadvantages of cloud storage for businesses.


Q.Is Cloud Storage Safe For Business?

Ans. It depends on the privacy policy of the particular cloud stoarge company. Different companies have their own rules and regulations that how they are using the data of users.

Q.Can cloud storage be hacked?

Ans. Yes, It may be hacked if the cloud storage access will be gained by an unauthorized person who can steal all the necessary data and use that in their own way.

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