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Different Types Of Moving Quotes and Insurance

Different Types Of Moving Quotes and Insurance

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Moving companies can cost a lot of money depending on the distance and type of services you choose for the relocation. By obtaining a moving quote before hiring the movers, you can avoid an unexpected bill. It doesn’t matter how affordable moving professionals sound, always trust a written estimate and avoid verbal deals.

To avoid the unplanned expense or relocation scam, you should obtain a moving quote from the company, which checks your home in person. Adams Van Lines gives you accurate moving estimates for the full-service long-distance move. Moreover, the moving quotes can be divided into three types.

Types of Moving Quotes

Before hiring a moving company, make sure to ask them what type of moving estimate they provide. There are three types of moving estimates:

Non-binding estimates

You should avoid the non-binding estimates as the moving professionals can give you lower estimates and impose unexpected charges on a moving day. This happens because the moving companies provide an estimate based on the weight or cubic feet. To gain your business, movers often use this approach to give you lower estimates initially and charge you higher later.

Binding estimates

This is a trustworthy type of moving quote as you wouldn’t be charged more than the estimates issued by the moving company. You won’t be charged more if the weight or volume is more than estimated, however, you also don’t get any discount such as white glove movers Irvine give if the weight of your belongings is overestimated by the movers.

Binding not to exceed

A binding-not-to-exceed quote is the most commonly used moving estimate by customers and companies as you will know the highest amount you have to pay for moving your belongings. Just like binding quotes, you don’t have to pay more if the weight or volume is more than the estimates. Additionally, you will get a discount if the weight is less than estimated.

Types of Moving Insurance

The moving companies provide the type of insurance coverage as suggested in your written moving estimate. There are three types of moving insurance:

Basic Carrier Liability

This is the lowest insurance coverage offered by the moving companies. Required by federal law, this liability coverage is free and based on the weight of the items, paying up to $0.60 per pound. With this coverage, to replace a $1000 worth item weighing 20 pounds would recover only $12.

Full-Value Protection

It is the most inclusive type of insurance as you will get satisfactory compensation for any lost or damaged belongings. Although it’s the most expensive insurance method, it is highly recommended for those who have valuable items to move. 

Under this insurance scheme, the moving company is responsible to pay the current market replacement value to the customer. In some cases, moving companies either replace the item or repair the damaged item. 

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Third-Party Insurance

Many third-party companies give insurance against your moving company. Generally, in case of any damage or lost item, the third-party insurance companies pay you the total amount minus the basic carrier liability. Before opting for this insurance, read the policies of the insurer and understand the cost of the coverage.

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