Customized T-shirts Printing Methods: Which One To Choose?

Customized T-shirts Printing Methods: Which One To Choose?

When it comes to printing shirts, there are several options available. But how do we know which method is best for us? Will we simply follow the latest fashion? Or have we been using the wrong method all along? In fact, do we even understand how those methods of printing t-shirts work?

There are numerous questions that must be addressed. But don’t worry. To get started, let’s look at 5 of the most popular t-shirt printing methods, along with their pros and cons, so you can make the best decision.

  1. Dye Sublimation

What it is: Dye sublimation is an amazing printing method for large and complex designs. Have you ever seen bright Hawaiian shirts? They were most likely made using this method, which is best suited to light fabrics, particularly polyester. Try it on cotton and you’ll realize what a waste of time it is.

It works by using a special dye on transfer paper and then using heat and pressure to sublimate the dye after it has dried. It differs from screen printing in that it is a dyeing method rather than a printing method. As a result, the designs can only be seen on the fabric and not felt.

  1. DTG (Direct-to-Garment) Printing

What it is: One of the newest and fastest growing printing methods, DTG printing works similarly to a printer but on fabric. It prints designs using inkjet technology by simply loading them into the printer and inserting a shirt. And with that, a design is printed quickly and easily.

  1. Plastisol

It is as follows: Plastisol printing, also known as indirect screen printing, is a method of T shirt printing Singapore that employs high-quality heat transfer paper. The artwork is first printed on paper, and then the design is transferred using a heat press. Hot split transfers produce a matte finish. Cold peel is the way to go if you want a glossy finish.

  1. CAD (Computer-aided Design) Cut Vinyl Printing

It is as follows: CAD cut vinyl printing, a popular printing method for small artwork such as logos, numbers, and names, uses heat to transfer designs onto fabric. It is a simple method in which designs are cut out on coloured vinyl sheets by a machine and then heat pressed onto clothing such as jerseys or t-shirts.

  1. Screen Printing

It is as follows: Screen printing, also known as silk screen printing, is the most common method of t-shirt printing. It has a long history dating back to the 1910s, and the ink used is thicker than that used in other printing methods. A nylon mesh and stencil are required for this, with the former holding the latter in place and a water-proof material used to block the negative space that you want to design. The next step is to apply ink to the screen, and the negative space will be used to print the design onto the shirt.

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