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Corporate Quality: 6 Reasons Why Business Owners Choose Acrylic Displays

Corporate Quality: 6 Reasons Why Business Owners Choose Acrylic Displays

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1) Acrylic Display Boards and A-Frames: Durable and Portable Displays that Work Wherever You Need Them   

When you want to put your message out there, acrylic display boards can be an ideal choice. Designed for portability, acrylic displays are economical alternatives to expensive custom signs, banners, and booth construction. Plus they’re lightweight and easy to transport.

Acrylic display boards (also known as acrylic sign holders, acrylic signs, acrylic frames, and acrylic A-Frames) are made from a clear material that is highly durable and lightweight.

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They provide excellent visibility with your graphic or printed message and create attention for events:


Easy to set up, acrylic displays are perfect for promotions. Put your message up at tradeshows, events, and trade-ins to encourage people to check out your business.


Portable acrylic signs make great event signage because they’re lightweight and easy to set up. Whether you need a sign or two or a whole display system, acrylic is an affordable alternative to a costly booth build. Plus acrylic signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can get exactly what you need for your event.

Corporate identity:

Acrylic displays provide functional options to help convey the message of your brand. Custom acrylic signage with printed graphics is easy to update, which means you keep your display looking fresh with new graphics or images with Designhill.

Promotional acrylic signs also help build brand awareness with custom acrylic A-frames and acrylic pop-up banners. Companies such as Graphic Impact will help you to find the most fitting custom solutions for this. Having such visualisations will Let potential customers get a closer look at your business with acrylic signage, displays, and stands. Once they see the quality of your products and services, you’ll be their first choice when they need what you offer.

Clear message:  

Acrylic signage makes it easy to communicate your message clearly with simple shapes designed for logos, text, and words in any style. Custom display boards come in a variety of sizes and shapes – from traditional sign holders to a-frames designed for promotional events, to double-sided designs that fold flat for transport. Create excitement about your company with eye-catching custom acrylic signs from Signarama.

2) Display Boards are Affordable and Economical

Acrylic display boards are economical alternatives to custom signs, banners and booth construction. Plus acrylic displays are made with a variety of acrylic colors so your sign will blend perfectly – or stand out – with whatever environment you have in mind. And acrylic signs are easy to update with new graphics or images when you want to change the message.

3) Promotional Acrylic Signs Serve Multiple Purposes    

Acrylic signage is an affordable way to promote your business whether that’s at tradeshows, events or online on social media. Ready-made acrylic A-frames offer an economical way for small businesses to grow their brand awareness. Custom printed acrylic provides another option for promoting your business. Custom acrylic signs are perfect for corporate identity, promotional events and tradeshows, where you’ll find acrylic displays of all sizes (including acrylic A-frames) to suit your logo.

4) Acrylic Signs Help You Stand Out in a Crowd   

Business owners know the importance of standing out from their competition. With acrylic signage – whether it’s custom acrylic lettering, acrylic graphics or printed acrylic A-Frames – they can make sure their business is at least as noticeable as any other on Main Street. Even if you’re competing with big brands online, personalized acrylic stands out among generic social media posts and bland banner ads. Businesses that want to succeed need professional-looking marketing materials designed to help them stand apart from competitors and attract the attention of potential customers.

5) Acrylic Signs Create Excitement about Your Brand   

Custom acrylic signs are great for building brand awareness, which is why they’ve become popular with small businesses looking to get noticed online and off. Custom acrylic stands on social media tell people exactly what you have to offer – by displaying your company logo, message or product line in a unique way that not only captures their interest but keeps them engaged until they can see your signs in person. Though acrylic display boards and A-Frame signs serve as versatile marketing tools, acrylic lettering and custom acrylic graphics set your business apart from others offering similar services and products. With acrylic signage, you can make sure every customer knows who you are when they’re shopping around for the products and services you offer.

6) Promotional acrylic signs are available in a range of designs

Acrylic A-Frames are perfect for promotional events, tradeshows, and trade shows. Folding acrylic displays that stand upright are also popular with businesses looking to increase their brand awareness or promote products before making a sale. Custom acrylic lettering is another way to get your message across – especially when you add color – while acrylic graphics can be eye-catching and effective whether they’re on acrylic signs or social media posts. And the best part about acrylic signage is that it’s durable enough for outdoor use, so building brand awareness never needs to stop!


Acrylic signs are great for advertising because acrylic can be cut into almost any shape, and acrylic lets you create eye-catching signage by adding color. Custom acrylic is also affordable compared to other types of signage.

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