Christmas & Digital addicted: 7 gift ideas

Christmas is approaching and anxiety about buying gifts rises. Among friends, colleagues and relatives there is certainly a digital addicted who loves tech or who works in the world of Digital Marketing. What gift can he find under the tree to amaze him? Here are 7 ideas approved by Webvisibility!

Smiirl follower counter

Smiirl is an electronic device that connects to the Instagram or Facebook account and counts the number of followers in real time . Of the Smiirl line, there is also a version of a customized counter that can display any figure: from KPIs to the number of orders, from entries to the number of visitors.

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Moleskine Smart Pen

The Moleskine Smart Pen helps pen and paper nostalgics digitize notes , diagrams, ideas and drawings. The elements made with this special pen on paper will be copied magically and in real time on the smartphone or tablet thanks to the support of the Moleskine Notes app.

Vintage or holographic keyboard

Personalizing your workstation has never been easier, you just have to choose between sci-fi or retro style. The Rymek Retro Vintage Keyboard is a Bluetooth keyboard with mechanical keys compatible for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Discover the Rymek Retro keyboard

And if the digital addicted is more projected towards the future, the perfect keyboard for him is holographic ! The Oregon Scientific keyboard connects to the mobile device via Bluetooth and as if by magic a red laser makes numbers and letters appear directly on the table.

Training: books and courses

Digital is constantly evolving. Training and updating are essential to stay abreast and to deepen certain issues, so why not give away a good book from the Web Book series ? From social advertising to e-mail marketing, from storytelling to neuro marketing, there is a volume for all tastes! Other must-have books can be found here , in the article dedicated to the 10 Digital Marketing books to have in the bookstore.

In this historical period, online training has taken off, among the best courses on the web we recommend those of Digital Update !

Editing software or app

subscription to the Adobe package is always a good idea – Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. they are the daily bread for creatives! But even the mobile apps are an excellent ally for those who are the community or the social media manager by trade. Editing photos and videos from smartphones is easier, more immediate and can be done anywhere. Furthermore, the release of increasingly powerful and functional apps is a fact, so why not give a voucher for the Google App store or the Apple store ?

The mug for long days (and nights)

In front of the computer, the mug keeps company at all hours of the day, 365 days a year, filled with hot drinks in winter and cold in summer. The “mug” is mandatory in the workstation of each SMM: it is useful, beautiful to photograph and if personalized, it also tells something about the owner! On the web you can find witty social and nerd-themed mugs that depict TV series, movies, gifs, memes and much more.

Accessories for the smartphone and more

Here the list could be truly endless: power banks, headphones, covers with grips for selfies or with a strap to carry the smartphone around the neck, gorilla pod, external memories, ring lights , etc. The choice is truly vast, but each accessory will be discarded with amazement by the recipient and will make it more productive.

Here are the gift ideas that we believe are perfect for all digital addicts. And now, go shopping!

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