Do Companies Need to Verify Address of Onboarding Employees?

The Covid-19 has given the world dimensions, the digitization is the most important one. Although it was in the system before, the scale was not that enough. Because of the pandemic, about every business operation shifted to online platforms. Even companies started hiring new employees completely through online interviews, tests and allow them to work from their home.

Companies have to verify addresses, names, and educational documents through online platforms. While this is a crucial task to onboard a new unknown person trusting on documents’ images and remote interaction. A company can’t trust new employees without verifying their documents. Through address verification services, businesses can build trust with their customers.

How can businesses verify addresses?

The address of individuals can be verified through an automated solution. A verified address is very helpful in authenticating the identity of the candidates. An address verification service does not only check the residence information of the applicant but also confirms the identity. It assists businesses in mitigating frauds and scams.

The personally identifiable information (PII) of the candidate is verified through address verification software, for example;

  • Full name
  • Residential address
  • Date of Birth and age
  • Issuance and Expiry Date

By verifying all the above information, a company can be sure that their employee is authentic and legitimate. For example, banks have to be very careful while hiring their employees. If unintentionally, they onboard a criminal or an employee with bogus information, it can raise multiple challenges like financial scams. There is also a risk of money laundering if the new employee is a money mule or a potential financial criminal.

Let’s dig into the fact that a bank employee can be a potential money launderer. The employees have access to customers’ accounts and their personal information. He can blend ill-gotten funds with the customers’ legitimate ones. If the bank is not using transaction monitoring services, he can also send this money somewhere else.

Businesses communicate with their employees using multiple ways like emails, letters, and messages. But postal letters are mostly used while sending hard copies of documents. This is not possible if the address is wrong or not in an understandable format. This can result in failed or late delivery of the letter. The documents can also be lost in some cases, depending on the postal service. Some employees may belong to an area that does not have an internet connection, so letters are the only way to communicate with them. Address checkers will help in smooth and reliable postal-letter communication.

How does a verified address build an address?

In this world where fake and false information is available on the internet. Most social media platforms have massive bogus accounts. These accounts are created using incorrect information. It has been seen that these accounts are later used for scams and looting people.

The companies should be well aware of the information of their employees. For this, they usually require ID cards or educational documents. But in the case of online recruitment, the applicants just share their IDs through photographs. The address verification solution does not only verify the address but also checks the authenticity of the document.

Here’s how it is done;

  • The applicants just give their bio-data along with all the other required information on the first page
  • For identity verification, they have to upload the image of id documents that can verify their information. An ID card or international passport are issued by the government can be used for this
  • The authenticity of the documents is verified. It is checked that it is genuine or not by looking at its authenticity marks like holograms, rainbow marks, and MRZ code
  • Secondary documents that have the most recent address with issuance in the last three months are required at this step. This document helps in having the updated address of the applicant
  • The identification number on both documents is verified. It ensures that both documents belong to the same person

Wrapping it Up

The address checker will help businesses to identify new employees and authenticate their identity. The communication could be better and streamlined by verifying the address.


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