BEWARE!! Your Fetus Might Suffer from Covid-19 Because of You

A recent study has highlighted that the only thing that is at risk when a mother is diagnosed with COVID-19 is the baby that is living inside her. There is a great possibility that the virus is present in higher concentrations in the amniotic fluid. In this case, there can be great damage caused to the placenta of the women which results in premature births. 

According to the expert gynecologists, unborn babies are likely to get infected because of the exposure of their guts to the germ of covid or SARS-Covid 2. 

The results of the study conducted in the University College of London proposed that there are certain organs of the fetus that are more prone to getting infected by Covid-19 these include the intestines of the baby. Intestines are the only organ that is likely to be affected the most and by the virus. However, there are other studies that say that for a baby to get exposed to coronavirus is very rare and seen a very few times. 

It is observed that the placenta of the mother is very strong and it provides protection to the fetus from getting a number of infections. The results of the study also claimed that other fetal infections are also eradicated naturally by the placenta as it acts as a protective shield. Dr. Matia Garli said that “the findings say that the fetus getting an infection can be true but the chances are very very low”. She added that this is the first sign of reassurance that is given to the parents to be. There have been a few cases reported where the fetus got infected by the virus and had developed antibodies to COVID-19. And this only happens when the virus is transmitted by the mother to the unborn baby. 

Further, the researchers explained that they examined a number of fetal organs and the tissues of the placenta arranged by using the HDRB biobank. This is known as the assistant to fetal research. a certain presence of a protein was observed. These are needed by the viruses such as SARS and COVID-19 and these help in spreading and infecting.

The researchers have also dug deep and found out that the kidneys and the gut were the only organs to get affected by the main proteins causing the virus. It was also noted that the kidney of the fetus is already biologically protected, so the chances of the virus entering the kidney are very few. The only way it can make way inside the fetus is by entering through the gut or intestines. The other way it can enter is through the foetal swallowing of the amniotic fluid by the fetus which is very natural to happen when a mother is expecting. 

Gerli further explained that the swallowing of the amniotic fluid starts at the ending months of the pregnancy.  And for the fetus to get infected it is essential that there are some particles of the virus present in the fluid. The biggest risk that has been noted in this case is that if the mother gets ill with the deadliest of the variant of the virus it is very much likely that even if there are a few particles of the virus present in the amniotic fluid the placenta can get damaged. This can result eventually in the birth before time. 

Keeping all of this in view, it should be noted that the vaccination for pregnant women works great and helps them stay away from the virus a lot. The chances of the mother getting the virus get very low. However, there is no guarantee that the woman expecting will stay away from the virus. So, it is essential for mothers to get vaccinated before they are planning on a baby

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Wrapping it Up!

Covid-19 is a very serious condition that can take your life away as it has already taken. Needed measures should be taken in order to keep yourself healthy and it is a lot more important to stay from the virus when you are expecting or planning on having a baby. For the better development of the fetus keep taking precautionary measures. 

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