BeltBro | The Ultra Light, No-Buckle Belt Perfect for Everyone

Founded in 2019, BeltBro is a Naples, Florida-based belt company created to help people with IBS and Crohn’s who find it uncomfortable and hard to wear traditional belts. They also started making non-buckle belts for autistic children and other post-surgery apparel products as they grew.

Their no-buckle belts have also been widely appreciated by other people looking for comfortable and lightweight belts alternatives.

What Makes BeltBro Different?

Eco-friendly and heat resistant

Unlike traditional belts, these belts are made using a lightweight and breathable material. They are made using elastic, nylon, and polyester making them more environmentally friendly than other belts that will sit in landfills for decades before breaking down.


Weighing less than an ounce, BeltBro belts are the lightest globally.

Fits all sizes

BeltBro is designed with everybody in mind, from children over the age of 5 to older adults. Even if you have recently lost or gained weight, you don’t have to worry about not finding a belt that will fit you perfectly and comfortably. The adjustable straps on these belts make them perfect for all ages and sizes.


Its lightweight and heat-resistant nature make it comfortable to wear all day when driving, walking, climbing, or any other daily activity. Its soft materials and no-buckle design make it so that these belts don’t dig into your skin and stomach, a significant issue people experience with traditional belts. It also makes it easy to move, and you don’t have to adjust it after having a heavy meal.

Easy to put on

These are the belts to try if you are looking for a belt alternative that you will not spend a long time putting or taking off. BeltBro belts only use two belt loops on the side of your pants or shorts. This means you will not even have to take it off when going to the bathroom.

This is especially useful for seniors or people who find it hard to put on and remove a belt without help. They also come in handy for ladies who have difficulties finding belts that fit into their clothes’ belt loops.

Allows you to carry accessories

If you want to leave the house for a short time without bringing your purse, these belts can make that possible. They have side loops that allow you to attach things like cell phone holders and flashlights.


Sometimes, people want to wear pants or shorts but don’t want to wear a belt. These belts will give you the security a belt brings and add a fashion statement to your outfit.


BeltBro is dedicated to giving its customers 100% value for money. Therefore, they have implemented a 30-day return policy that allows you to return your belt within 30 days of getting the product for a 100% refund.

How To Use BeltBro

On their website, they offer a buy 1 pack get 1 pack free deal so you don’t need to measure the distance between belt loops. You’ll receive 2 small, 2 medium, and 2 large for both sides. Once you get the belts, attach them to two belt loops on each side of your pants or shorts and adjust accordingly.

Different belt sizes have different elasticity to make a perfect fit. Their design makes it so that if you don’t want to wear both on the sides, you can wear one on the back of your pants or shorts.

Available Colors And Sizes

One of the goals BeltBro has is to cater to all its customer’s needs. Therefore, they have designed different sizes for different ages, genders, and weight specifications. To make it easier to choose, they have categorized their belts into three categories.

BeltBro Titan for Men

This is their latest model specified for men because it fits 1.5-inch belt loops. It is also their strongest because it is built with a robust and rugged design for all-day wear, even when performing tedious and labor-intensive jobs. You can choose whether you want the color black, blue, brown, or grey.

BeltBro Original for Women

They are made to fit one-inch belt loops and incorporate two elastic bands, increasing their stretch. You can also choose black, blue, brown, or grey.

BeltBro for Kids

Kids belts fit one-inch belt loops, available in black. 

Learn More about BeltBro

Website: https://beltbro.com

Pricing Table: https://beltbro.com/#pricingtable

Contact Email: [email protected]

FAQ Page: https://store.beltbro.com/blogs/news/beltbro-support-and-faq

Visit Their Blogs: https://beltbro.com/resources

Belts help support your pants and shorts and add a statement to your outfit. If you are looking for a belt without dealing with the discomfort of it digging into your skin, it’s time to give BeltBro a try.

They are also a perfect gift for someone who just lost weight and is looking for a new belt or older adults with mobility issues. If you don’t like them, you can return them within 30 days and get a complete refund.

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