Bedroom decor ideas to spruce up the space

Looking for bedroom decor ideas? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss a variety of different ways that you can improve the look and feel of your bedroom. We will cover everything from paint colors to furniture choices. So whether you are looking to completely redesign your bedroom or just make a few small tweaks, we have you covered!

Stick and peel wallpaper accent wall to add interest to the bedroom

To freshen up the bedroom, a good place to start is with the walls. You can either repaint the room or use wallpaper.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add some personality to your space, then we recommend trying out stick and peel wallpaper. Stick and peel wallpaper is perfect for creating a statement wall. This type of wallpaper is very easy to apply and remove, so it is perfect for renters or anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a long-term project. Since it is easy to install and remove, you can experiment with the look and style, and maybe even change it seasonally.

There are also so many fun and unique designs to choose from these days. Whether you want something floral, geometric, or even just a solid color, there is sure to be a stick and peel wallpaper that fits your style. If you have a specific pattern in mind, it is also possible to print custom-made wallpaper. Just find a print on demand supplier that provides this option and have a personalized statement wall in your bedroom!

When choosing colors for the bedroom it is good to go with something that associates with peace. If you are not sure, a great place where to start is pastels or neutrals. Darker colors can also look very good in the bedroom if you feel a bit more adventurous.

Custom-made wall art for a personal touch

Another great way to add some personality to your bedroom is with custom-made wall art. This could be anything from a painting to a photo collage or a canvas.

If you are looking for something unique and one-of-a-kind, then we recommend going the custom route. This way, you can design something that is specifically tailored to your taste and style. Plus, it will add a personal touch to your space that cannot be replicated.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing custom-made wall art. First, you want to make sure that the piece is the right size for the space. Second, you want to consider the colors and style of the rest of the room so that it coordinates well. And lastly, you want to make sure that you love it! After all, it is a custom piece and should reflect your personality.

If you are not yet ready to order a custom-made art piece, you can have something printed on demand. It can be a poster or canvas. You can print whatever you like as well as it reflects your personality and goes well with the bedroom mood. It can be a picture, a design, or just a text.

If you want to go the print on demand route, we recommend checking out print on demand supplier They have a variety of canvas and poster sizes, great print quality, and amazing customer service.

Set the mood with lighting in the bedroom

The bedroom is the room where we usually don’t need a lot of bright light, but we rather gravitate towards dim light that is great for winding down, so it is the one place where you can experiment and go without a ceiling lamp. With the precondition that you don’t have a closet in the bedroom or anything else for what you might need a fully lit room. You can always have a modest ceiling lamp just in case, but as the main focus choose sconces or floor lamps. Another exception is if you like reading in bed, in that case, definitely make sure the bedside lamp is bright enough for good reading conditions. 

To have more fun with the light fixtures, you can choose interesting combinations. For example, don’t have a nightlight, have a bedside lamp hanging from the ceiling or use a floor lamp. You can also use fairy lights or other lighting objects that will give a whimsical and cozy vibe.

Bring in the coziness with a rug or carpet

A bedroom is one of the best places where to put carpet or a simple rug on the floor. A floor that is fluffy or has fabric on it immediately makes a room feel cozier and more welcoming for relaxation.

When choosing a rug or carpet, make sure it is the right size for the bedroom. You don’t want something that is too small or too big. Also, take into account the colors and style of the room so that it coordinates well.

If you are fine with second-hand items and love a boho vibe, a Persian or Moroccan rug bought second-hand is a wonderful option. It is made of natural fibers and it will age in a really beautiful way.

A statement headboard for the bedroom

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so a fun way how to accent that is to choose a headboard that makes a statement. There are many different styles of headboards to choose from, just make sure you pick one that reflects your personal style. However, if you have already a statement wall, a statement headboard might be too much. When considering this option, keep that in mind too.

If you are looking for something unique, then we recommend going with a custom-made headboard. This way, you can design something that is specifically tailored to your taste and style. Plus, it will add a personal touch to your space that cannot be replicated.

Bring everything together with bedding, bedcovers, and throw pillows

In the bedroom, the focal point is the bed. Make sure it stands out and feels comfy and relaxing!

Choose coherent and soft bedding for bedtime. Even though that is something you won’t be able to see during the day, it will still be amazing to go to bed in cute bedding.

For bedcovers, a good option is to choose something in neutral colors, but experiment and bring in colors and fun patterns with throw pillows. You can of course always do the opposite, choose a bright bedcover and more subtle pillows, but if you get bored of the bright patterns it is easier to exchange the pillows than the bedcover.

Bed and other furniture

If you are looking for a totally new look for the bedroom and want to make changes to the furniture as well, here are some ideas!

Choose a bed and other furniture in one color or style

To have a cohesive look, go for furniture in a similar style or at least in the same color. The exception is if you like an eclectic style and don’t mind colors and design mixing. But if you are unsure or new to designing rooms, a good rule to follow is to match the furniture.

Bed types – there are so many!

It all depends on the style your room has and your needs. If you are short on storage, a bed with built-in storage is a wonderful option. You can have drawers under the bed or buy an ottoman storage bed. Aside from storage, if you want something that really stands out, go for a canopy bed or a bed with a unique headboard or other unusual features.

Bedside tables – you are not limited to a boring nightstand

Even though a nightstand can be very useful and a wonderful place where to put books, extra blanket, and other bits and bobs that you might need by hand, that is not the only way to go.

Nowadays it is very popular to have a small table as a nightstand. Or you can have a shelf hanging from the ceiling to work as a nightstand. Or just add a shelf by the bed – also a great option where you can put your phone and a glass of water for the night.


There are a lot of great choices on how to decorate the bedroom. Just keep in mind that it is a place where to wind down and relax – use elements, colors, and styles that help you feel cozy and peaceful. We hope you found something useful in this article and gained some inspiration for your own bedroom makeover!

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