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Bathroom Makeover: A Way to a More Relaxing Environment

Bathroom Makeover: A Way to a More Relaxing Environment

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A person’s environment affects their mood in countless ways. When a person visits a bathroom, they want to relax and unwind while they go about their personal business. How can a homeowner create a bathroom that is relaxing? Incorporate the following tips into the bathroom makeover for great results. 

Keep It Clean

Bathrooms harbor germs if they are not kept clean. One problem many homeowners encounter is they have little space to store items. The room quickly becomes cluttered with products they use every day. Avoid this issue by increasing the storage space in the room. 

One way to do so is to invest in a vanity or upgrade an existing one. There are many styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, so finding the right one for the space shouldn’t be difficult. 

For example, a person considering a blue vanity will find other items that coordinate with this vanity. This may include a toilet, sink, and fixtures. As the room isn’t very big, coordinated items are essential to provide a relaxing feel. Any element that is off can throw the look of the entire room off. 

Calming Scents

Fill the bathroom with calming scents to relax while bathing or showering. Many people use candles for this purpose, but more individuals today are turning to essential oils and diffusers to accomplish this goal. 

There is no open flame with an essential oil or diffuser, so the person doesn’t need to worry about a fire breaking out while they are engaging in these tasks. Plug the diffuser into a GFCI outlet to prevent problems if water makes its way to the diffuser. 

Relaxing scents to try include lavender, rosemary, and lemon. Choose high-quality oils, as most bathrooms are small. A person doesn’t want to become ill because they used low-quality oil in an enclosed space. 

Relaxing Colors and Lighting

A bathroom done in bold colors and large prints isn’t relaxing to most people. Select a soft-toned color that will leave anyone using the bathroom feeling comfortable. Off-white or cream serve as great choices because they allow the homeowner to make the room their own with the help of accessories. The look of the bathroom can be updated regularly with nothing more than a change of accessories. 

In addition, the lighting in the room is important. Most people rely on the overhead lighting installed in the bathroom. Upgrade the look of the room and make it more relaxing by layering the lighting. Incorporate accent lights as well as task lighting to ensure every person can see clearly regardless of what they are doing in the room. When they have the right lighting, they will be more relaxed in every way. 

Minimalistic Design

Consider incorporating large, interrupted spaces in a bathroom for a sense of purpose. Modern finishes done in large slabs allow for a minimalistic look. This makes the bathroom appear less cluttered, which is important because it’s hard to relax when a person is surrounded by items. Keep the number of different materials used in the bathroom to a minimum for the same reason. 

Every person needs one or more places in the home where they can relax and unwind. The bathroom should be one of these places. With the help of these tips, a person can transform this room in little time and create a relaxing environment anyone will enjoy. 

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