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Are You an Exporter? Find Out About the Use of Freight Forwarding Services

Are You an Exporter? Find Out About the Use of Freight Forwarding Services

A freight forwarder is a company that specializes in the movement of goods from point A to point B. Freight forwarding companies tend to be the experts in their respective industries as they can streamline, simplify and document all shipments that need to reach the open market. They help with the due diligence and selection of suitable suppliers for the entire lifecycle of a load. Freight forwarders don’t physically move goods but rather prefer to deal with contracts and agreements regarding which carrier will handle a particular shipment instead. That is to say, some freight forwarders may use their warehouses and vehicles, but most freight forwarders follow a non-asset-based model.

Essentially, freight forwarding is one of the safest ways to ship cargo worldwide and the most cost-efficient. Your cargo undergoes every bit of security it needs, ensuring that your shipment will get to its destination in one piece. However, instead of scouting for independent players from this industry, it can be worth approaching a freight forwarder association that offers a network of service providers and partners for different shipment needs.

As an exporter, you may have specific requirements. When you connect with them through their platform, you can find many options for your international shipping and logistical needs, which can provide considerable relief in time and money-saving. More precisely, you can look at them as your third hand for shipping, helping in the process of import or export of goods, etc. With them by your side, you can navigate through the whole process of the transaction smoothly. There are many reasons to rely on them.

The benefits of working with a freight forwarder group

One of the first things you would realize about them is their extensive knowledge and skills in dealing with any shipment-related issues. Since they remain well-connected with so many partners at all times, they can immediately bring your transport cost down by a significant notch. While they handle all the matters related to customs and transports for clearance, you save your energy and valuable time for your core business demands. But these are only one aspect of working with them. Another biggest motivation for many exporting businesses remains to be the potential of tapping into new markets through streamlined shipment processes. Without a good network of experienced forwarders, you cannot achieve this quickly and cost-effectively. 

Things to expect from your freight forwarder

When you join a large and recognized community of forwarders, you essentially sign up for all types of assistance. As mentioned already, they can handle your customs documents along with taxes or duties as relevant. They can also manage papers, such as letters of credit or others, which banks may need for releasing your payment. At the same time, reputable agencies should also be able to offer excellent financing options, such as shipment insurance, to cover your goods against loss or damage.

Ultimately, you can depend on them for fulfillment efforts, customs advice, logistics services, and many other valuable services that make a critical part of your export business and its growth.

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