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Answers To Some Of Your Most Common Questions About Water Damages

Answers To Some Of Your Most Common Questions About Water Damages

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Let’s face it. All of us have some unanswered questions in our minds when it comes to water damage restoration companies. Whether it’s about the costs or the best way to hire a competent team of professionals, some issues need to be addressed.

There is no way to answer all of the questions in one post, it is our take on answering the most commonly asked questions by customers. To be a homeowner or a commercial property owner, knowing the right kind of information can make a huge difference when it comes to assessing the water damage and responding to it.

What Should I Do When Water Damages Strikes?

If it is a natural disaster, you need to wait before stepping back into the property. If the state considers it safe to return to the properties, start by searching closing the main water supply, and switching off the electricity supply. Search for a company offering emergency services of water damage restoration in Bowie MD.

When the water damage is caused by roof leaks, pipe leaks, or other accidents, find the main water supply valve and close it. It’s recommended to switch off the electricity supply as well before anyone restoration activities are made.

What Does A Water Damage Restoration Company Do?

All of the water damage restorations have their unique work plans but it typically involves the following steps.

Inspection And Assessment

A team of professionals will arrive at your property and determine the type of water damage. This is essential to create an effective restoration plan.

Water Extraction

Power pumps and vacuums will be used to extract water from the property. This needs to be started as soon as possible to prevent further damage.


Once the bulk of the water is removed, the next step is drying and dehumidification. Its purpose is to bring back the humidity levels to the optimum range. Specialized equipment is used to target the water that is hard to remove.

Cleaning And Sanitizing

After the drying phase is complete, the area is cleaned and sanitized. If the water damages were caused by contaminated water, this step takes a long and thorough process.

Repair And Restoration

The broken and affected parts of the property are repaired and restored to pre-disaster condition.

What Is The Typical Cost Of Water Damage Restoration Service?

The cost depends on the type of water damage, size of the property, professional competence of the restoration company, and time of the year. The national average cost is $3000 but it typically ranges between $2000-$5000. Blackwater extraction and restoration costs are as high as $8000. If the water stood for a long time, the costs surge up and you may end up spending a lot more than average costs.

How Long The Drying Will Take?

Drying times depend on a combination of several factors including the source of water, location, duration, types of building materials, and efficiency of drying equipment. While there are no rules to determine the exact time but an average home takes 3-5 complete days for drying. You need consistent monitoring and evaluation of the drying process to avoid mold growth.

Should I Call The Insurance Provider?

Yes. Once you have contacted the water damage restoration companies, call your insurance provider. Take pictures and videos of water damages to file easier claims.

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