An Introduction to Different Types of Eyeglass Frames

An Introduction to Different Types of Eyeglass Frames

Once you have decided which material is best for you, it’s time to select which types of frames to go with. Every frame provides a different look and feels with unique characteristics. Whether you are shopping for prescription glasses frames, sunglasses or any other type of glasses, it can be helpful to enrich yourself with practical information. Choosing the right pair of glasses for your needs can be enjoyable when you know the detailed information on glass frame types. In this article, we group eyeglass frames into five basic frame types and assist you in selecting the correct type of spectacle frames.

Glasses Frame Types

The highest priorities to consider when choosing frames are comfort, fit and style. Many different frame styles are available on the market, so choosing the right frame can be confusing. Here is a brief introduction to different types of glasses frames.

Full-rimmed Frame

As the name suggests,full-rimmed glasses have rims that go around the overall circumference of the lenses. This feature makes them ideal glasses if you have a higher prescription, as the thicker lens is enclosed within the frame to provide a sturdy design. This type of spectacle frame is more durable than other styles, and you can find full-rimmed glasses in all material types, including plastic, titanium and more. Thanks to this type, frames come in various colors, sizes and designs. If you have a more active lifestyle or want to make a statement with your glasses, full-rimmed glasses can be an ideal choice for you to serve your needs.

Rimless Frame

Rimless glasses only contain the lenses, temples and nose bridge. These have no rims, so the lenses attach directly to the temples, making them the lightest eyeglass frame. Therefore, people have a preference for this low-profile style. However, since the lenses are completely exposed, they require more care than other frame types to avoid lens damage. Rimless glass frames are the best choice for those who like a minimal look and feel. They’re also stylish and worn on special occasions such as weddings and graduation.

Semi-rimless Frame

Semi-rimless frames are a hybrid of full-rimmed and rimless styles. They are lighter than full-rimmed but provide a sturdy look than rimless. Semi-rimless frames cover the top half of the lenses, and transparent nylon holds the bottom part. Because it is lightweight and comes in a wide range of material and color options, it can be the top choice if you want a trendy pair of eyewear that is comfortable for wearing over long periods.

Low Bridge Glasses

Low Bridge glasses are mainly designed for people with low nasal bridges. Adding adjustable nose pads and increasing the nose bridge width can prevent the frame from slipping. It is common to find full-rimmed, rimless or semi-rimless glasses with this feature. Luckily for you, it is worth purchasing a low bridge style if you have a lower nose bridge. It’s usually more secure and comfortable on the face.

Wire Frames

Last but not least, there are wireframes, a traditional design that continues to be worn for simplicity and perpetuity. These frames can be either full-rimmed or semi-rimless with narrow metal rims, and the charming styles become mainstream. Wireframes generally support circle lens shapes, but cat-eye shapes can be found in the store. Furthermore, the small frame eyeglasses are accessible in wired glasses. Though the material and color options are limited, they are still fashionable and accommodate most lenses.

Final Thoughts

Each frame type has its advantages and style features. Different types are suitable for other occasions, you can consider purchasing more than one pair of glasses and choose a different frame for each pair. However, the first thing you should do when choosing eyeglass frames is to know the shape of your face. Generally speaking, your frames should contrast with the shape of your face. With the above information, you may feel overwhelmed in multiple directions. Don’t be scared of trying more than one to ensure the comfort and frame are suitable for you.

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