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An insight into the most popular types of tea in India

An insight into the most popular types of tea in India

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Tea or commonly known as Chai can be easily termed as the National Drink of India. Although India is not the ancestor of tea production, people here are pretty passionate about this beverage. The most preferred variety of tea is generally sweet and milky blaring out the bitterness than the liquor.

This beverage comes with a long associated history in India. It is also included in the Ayurveda practice making a long-standing tradition of herbal teas. Tea is also used as an energy drink as well as an effective remedy for some minor health issues. The liquor tea is a prescribed medicine for the cough and cold to keep the sore throat in good condition.

The types of popular tea based on different factors

Also, there are many types of tea which are to satisfy the tastefulness of the Indians. The types of tea can be decided based on the factors you are looking for. For example, there are 4 types of tea based on leaf processing and more than 12 types of tea based on the region they get cultivated. You can access all the tea types if you have a look at the best tea brands in India. Given below are some major kinds of tea popular in the country.

Tea types based on the processing of tea leaves

Green tea

Green tea is the type of tea that has non-fermented leaves. The young generation prefers this type as it is an excellent option for healthy and fit physic. It contains a considerable amount of antioxidants and nutrients which have significant effects on the human body, such as enhanced brain function and fat loss.

Black tea

The black tea (contains fermented leaves) contains caffeine which helps to keep the stress away and get energized. It is mostly preferred by the heads of the offices. This also contains many healthy substances such as polyphenols which are a kind of antioxidants to shield the cells from DNA damage.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea (partly fermented leaves) is the type of tea that is mostly prescribed by doctors to keep the patient’s health steady. This may not be a known source of beverage, but it is a rapid reviver from stress. The positive effects of consuming oolong tea include health benefits for headache, heart, bone, brain, and dental health. It can enhance metabolism as well, which helps to decrease the chances of developing diabetes and cancer. You can grab some good oolong tea at

White tea

White tea (least processed leaves) is also a kind of tea that is prescribed by doctors as a remedy for certain diseases, making it vaguely known to common people. This provides some natural antibacterial properties which can reduce the possibilities of cancer, cardiovascular disease, weight gain, bad cholesterol, etc.

Tea Types based on the region of origin

There are some regions of India famous for cultivating a great variety of tea. Some of them are as follows.

  • Darjeeling tea
  • Assam tea
  • Doors and Terai tea
  • Kangra tea
  • Nilgiri tea
  • Annamalais tea
  • Wayanad tea
  • Karnataka tea
  • Munnar tea
  • Travancore tea

Recently, some Tea Bars and Tea Parlours had been built for people’s relaxation across the country. Henceforth, one can easily guess the importance of tea in the lives of the people. Especially, with the wide variety available, a tea lover will be spoilt for choice.

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