Allopathic Medicine For Piles

The majority of constipated sufferers look for solutions only after experiencing the problem several times. In this proportion, 60% of people consider DIY remedies as the “most popular option to get rid of piles’. There are a variety of solutions you can use at home to treat piles. The most popular most common remedies that people avoid most often is the use of allopathic medications for piles. Get the consultation of the best Piles Doctor in Kolkata.

A majority of the time, patients prefer allopathic treatment for piles in order to recover quickly. Allopathy is believed by many to provide rapid relief from piles and assists in fighting getting rid of, preventing, and preventing infection from occurring when symptoms begin to show.

In this blog, we’ll provide information on a range of allopathic remedies for treating piles. Allopathy works wonders when the correct quantity is consumed at the appropriate time according to the prescription of the medical professional.

What is Allopathy?

Allopathy is the name used to refer to the modern, mainstream medical field. It is also referred to as Western medical or traditional medicine. The main goal of treatment is to treat the symptoms and ailments by using any of the following methods:




Other procedures and therapies

How do you treat pimples using allopathic medicines?

Allopathy is a method of treating manifestations of this disease. The allopathic remedies for piles also address the uncomfortable and painful symptoms of piles, and later the disease as a whole.

Best allopathic medicine to treat piles in India

Daflon 500 mg of piles

Daflon is known as the general name. In accordance with research from Austrian research, study Diosmin is a supplement made from herbs made of flavonoids from plants that can help reduce hemorrhoids. This medication can help alleviate various signs of piles. This medicine is a comprehensive solution to the painful symptoms of piles.

Diosmin contains flavonoids found in the medication. Flavonoids block the production of chemicals that cause the inflammation of the anorectal veins. Furthermore, these tablets also possess antioxidant properties that improve your blood circulation in the veins. It is suggested to apply this treatment for a few days at a time.

Dosage Daflon 500 mg for the treatment of piles: You should talk to your doctor about the dose of Daflon 500 mg. Consume it with water and do not smash or break the medicine. Make sure you know the proper timing for the medication. If you do not take the medication take it, don’t increase the dose on the next day. Continue as prescribed. The pack of 10 tablets is available at an amount ranging from 115-180 INR.

Restriction on Daflon 500 mg: Do not consume alcohol, caffeine tobacco, or engage in smoking while taking the tablet to stacks. Also breastfeeding mothers should not use these medications.

Liquid Paraffin used for piles

Consume the liquid form of paraffin (generic term) in the amount of 20 ml per evening before you go to sleep. This can help soften your stool and help relieve your constipation.

Lidocaine-hydrocortisone cream for piles

The cream used to treat piles is prescribed by a doctor for difficult circumstances. The ingredients of this medicine helps to treat a variety of symptoms associated with piles, including minor pain swelling, itching, and discomfort. The lidocaine in this ointment functions as an anesthetic that temporarily reduces pain in the area of the mouth. The corticosteroid hydrocortisone that aids in getting relief from itching, redness, and swelling.

Make use of this product two times a every day following the bowel movements. Be sure to make use of it on a regular basis, and according to your doctor’s instructions to reap the advantages. Be sure to clean your hands after using this product. If you are looking to end this ointment’s use take it slowly after proper consultation with your doctor.

Lignocaine 2 % gel for piles

If you are suffering from piles, you are likely to suffer from severe pain when passing stool. This gel can assist to feel less or no pain when you empty your bowels. All you have to do is put the nob of this gel tube into your bowel and release the gel within 15 minutes after visiting the toilet to clear your bowels. Continue this until the point that you experience piles but not later. The gel is readily available in drug stores. The benefit of this particular gel is that that it can be used to numb the region where it is placed for a short period of time.

Lactulose to make piles

For more than forty years. This medicine is able to treat the primary reason for piles, which is constipation that has been chronic. It works by bringing fluid into the colon, which will eventually soften the stools. This will ensure that you’re capable of passing stools with ease.

Typically, you can do this every day. But your physician might recommend alternatively based on the extent of your problem. You’ll begin to notice the benefits within the period of 24 to 48 hours. You can drink Lactulose syrup in the event that you don’t have liquid paraffin. It is the same as liquid paraffin. You must take 20 milliliters before going to sleep. In the event of constipation that is severe it is possible to consume 20 ml during the day and 20 ml later in the evening, too. Lactulose has a sweet taste and therefore is not recommended for diabetics.

Allopathic medicine to treat the symptoms of infected piles

The correct flow of blood to the anal area protects against any infection caused by these white blood cells as well as certain proteins in the blood. The restriction of healthy blood flow to the area of the anal result in the growth of bacterial. This could lead to hemorrhoids becoming infected.

Prolapsed hemorrhoids are more susceptible to becoming infection than piles that are internal. The allopathic treatment for piles that are infected is as follows:

Doxycycline tablets to treat piles

The primary purpose of this pill for piles is to combat bacterial infections. If the hemorrhoids you have in the area of the anal become infected, The best Piles Specialist in Kolkata will recommend the use of this medication.

The medication is part of the class of drugs called Tetracyclines. The medication blocks the efficacy of bacteria protein, thus, preventing the disease. The tablets can be consumed along with applying the hydrocortisone Ointment.

The thing to keep in mind is this: the medication may interact with other medications you are taking. This could be fatal or even stop the tablets from functioning at all.

Dosage of Doxycyclin tablet for piles Doxycyclin can be described as an antibiotic used to treat piles, which can be consumed with food. In the case of infected pimples, the doctor typically prescribes it at least once or twice a day for a period of two weeks. The result is discoloration of the teeth, as well as some more common ones i.e. nausea and vomiting.

Do allopathic remedies cure piles forever?

It could be a prescription drug or an over-the-counter medicine for piles, all are associated with some adverse result or the other.

If you fail to follow the instructions of your doctor or follow the course according to what was the doctor has instructed, these symptoms tend to happen more rapidly. In the same way, when you take any of the mentioned medications they may cause slight effects like



Dry mouth



The effects of the side effects could cause fatal harm as well. For instance, doxycycline tablets may react with another substance that is present in a different drug or food product, or even a vitamin or supplement you consume. So, before you take any medication, talk to your physician.

If you suffer from a serious pimples-related condition, your doctor may be able to conclude that the allopathic treatment is not effective. If this is the situation, it is possible to choose the most sophisticated laser therapy offered with Pristine Care.

Have you heard about the pile’s laser treatment?

Allopathy is among the treatments you could think about when treating piles. But the potential side effects of allopathic medications could put you in danger way. In some instances, the problem of piles is so serious that it is unable to be reversed solely by taking allopathic medications. In these instances, you may want to consider laser-based treatment options offered by our top clinics.

Technology advancement is changing every aspect that we live in. It has been evident within the medical field too. You don’t need to be concerned about painful surgery that takes more than two months to fully heal.

How does laser surgery work?

This treatment does not require any wounds or cuts, unlike traditional methods. Laser energy is directed to the affected region that assists the hemorrhoidal nodes to shrink from within. This assists in reducing blood supply which causes the abnormal development of hemorrhoids. The result is minimal bleeding or pain. It also helps prevent recurrences as well as longer hospital stays.

Thus, the laser treatment for pimples is painful and doesn’t require any cutting or incisions. You can forget the everyday dressings of wounds and frequent appointments to the doctor due to the treatment using lasers. Furthermore, it will ensure an earlier recovery. You’ll be able to resume your everyday activities within 2 days! Contact our medical coordinator now to learn more about these procedures using lasers!

Try to prevent the issue of constipation by avoiding it in the first place. Eat a diet high in fiber green leafy vegetables as well as raw fruits. Consider adopting a more active lifestyle. MOVE!! Don’t become a couch potato.

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