All the news of Instagram: from Dinamyc Ads to Instagram Analytics

Those who work every day with social media know the great importance of data to measure the effectiveness of each communication campaign.

The evolution of Instagram seems to be incessant, first there was the introduction of advertising , then the announcement – which took shape a few days ago – of a new algorithm that would have privileged the interests and relationships between users over time of publishing a photo.

After the news of the release of the business profiles with the “Contact” button prominently next to the “Follow”, we also witnessed a very recent change to the logo and interface that has left the loyal users of the old Instagram image perplexed.

Dynamic Ads were then announced , soon also available on Instagram , which will cope with the fragmented use of content typical of the web and in particular of mobile.

Thanks to them, continuity will be created between one platform and another (between an e-commerce and an Instagram account) and users who have already shown interest in the brand will be reached by showing them other potentially interesting articles thanks to the Carousel format.

Now it seems that we won’t have to wait long to be able to take advantage of “ Instagram Analytics ”. The popular social media of images is letting itself be more and more infected by Facebook and above all it is becoming more and more brand oriented.

The news appeared for the first time on the Later blog and apparently the Instagram Analytics will be available both from desktop and “in-app” in order to have quick access to all your statistics.

The insights will specifically concern followers and individual posts.

With the ” Followers Insights ” we will learn about our followers: age, sexual orientation and origin. A complete demographic analysis which, combined with the number of followers acquired in the last week, will allow us to create ad hoc content that meets the favor of our followers.

The “ Insights Posts ” will instead provide a complete overview of impressions, reach, website clicks and followers activity. The impressions will tell us the total number of times our posts have been viewed, the reach will show us the number of unique users who have seen them and the website clicks will finally show us all the times that users have clicked on the link in the bio.

Another fundamental data that can be viewed will be ” Followers Activity ” which will show us the best way to go to publish content on the best day and time . Thanks to it, in fact, we will know when our followers are online and thus we will have more chances to reach them.

But the news does not end here, in fact, in addition to the overall picture on the status of followers, we will also be able to obtain the data relating to the “top posts” and order them based on their performance: for example, from the highest to the lowest number of impressions over time periods. between 7 and 30 days.

It will no longer be necessary to use external tools to have metrics available to measure campaigns  and we will have the exact number of users who have viewed our content (a bit like what currently happens with video views) directly on our account. The engagement rate can then be calculated based on more precise and accurate data.

By relating this data to the number of our followers, we will finally be able to understand how the content we post works in the long term.

Thanks to Instagram Analytics we will be able to test the impact of Instagram within our digital communication strategy with numbers and graphics in a constant and fast way.

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