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Meet Cuban Acrobat Chiko at AGT 2022 + Net worth & Biography

The world started talking about him along with AGT Acrobat Chiko’s balancing stunts at AGT. Could he go through to the next rounds? Was it enough to get a golden buzzer? Chiko’s Biography, Family and relationship, career, and social media life are among the curious matters. This article will brief them.

AGT Acrobat Chiko Biography

Someone would say that balancing the judges would be an essential task to claim victories on at AGT. But, not so many people have done the real balancing on poles like a true acrobat. The Cuban-born Chiko is a rare person who has been performing such balancing stunts for a long time.

He was born as Madisоn Taylоr Baez to a Spain family. AGT Chiko lives in Spain with his Family. There is nothing to know about Chiko’s parents or birthday. However, it seems he is about 35 years of age. Chiko’s school, education, and childhood are not in records either. 

Family and relationships

AGT Acrobat Chiko has not revealed about his Family. The only thing to have been revealed by the acrobat recently is that he has a son. He had added a photo of his son, stating the Family is what he cares about the most.

He had photographed it at Playa de San Juan. Chiko’s son seems to be a kid who is about five years of age. However, Chiko’s wife is not in the picture. The only thing we know about Chiko’s Family and relationship is that they are currently living in Spain. 

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

It was Sofia who could understand what Acrobat Chiko said. When it comes to those who could see and enjoy what Chiko did, it was everybody. Chiko used poles to climb up and up. He used his bare hands to stand up on them.

The acrobat did hard work on the up, and finally, he stopped at a point when he used two knives to ensure his balance. If he well, he would cut himself. Also, he used a blindfold at some stages. Of course, he got four yesses. Let’s see what he would do in the next round.


The acrobat Chiko has mentioned several times that the circus has always been his life. According to his records, Chiko has served in D’Art Espectaculos for more than 15 years. Education was not in life and so was not the typical circuiting. Among the dancers, jugglers, and pole artists, Chiko was the person to come as an Acrobat in the circus.

He learned the basic acrobatics from his Cuban instructor, advising him even present. The appearance on Spain Got Talent was a crucial effort. Chiko could proceed to the semis on his second attempt and could not make it a victory. Along with the social media movement, Chiko has a smooth path, and he is on AGT stage now.

Acrobat Chiko net worth

AGT 2022 Acrobat Chiko’s net worth was $4k last year. His circus income, social media influence, and sponsoring brought that to him.

Acrobat Chiko in America's Got Talent
Acrobat Chiko in America’s Got Talent

Social media

Chiko is only available on Instagram as Utnier Chiko Acrobat. He has just 701 followers on Instagram.


Where is acrobat Chico from?

Chiko is from Cuba.

How old is Chiko?

He seems to be around his mid-thirties.

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