7 Things that you will regret when you are 50.

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7 Things that you will regret when you are 50.

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  1. The Opportunities you didn’t take

Imagine at the age of 21 you are being offered with the opportunity of getting your own college degree and an opportunity to start your own business. Pretty sure most of you all will land on the college degree. At the age of 21, the choice is pretty clear for many people. The college degrees give you the assurance, The job security and it will also help you to rank up in your social status. This is what we all were told when we are getting out of our tender ages. But if you are smart enough, when you hit fifty in your rat-race-life you will realize that the 01% who went with the least obvious choice at the age of 21 ended up making the rest 99% their servants.

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2) The repentance on not realizing your self worth

Remember that meeting that you felt like you never belonged there, but you were too afraid to step out? Remember the terrible relationship that drained you out, but you were too insecure to shake hands and walk away? Remember that 9-5 Job that gave nothing but stress but you were too lazy to quit and find another job. The repentance over not knowing one’s true worth could be very painful.

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3) Being too afraid to do things.

When you are 50 and when you are looking back at your life you will realize that atleast 90% of the things that you were afraid to do or too shy to do were the best things that could have happened to your life.

The Jump that you didn’t take on the bungee. The hike that you didn’t make before ‘artheritis’ hits you….

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4) Caring too much about what others think

Have you ever find yourself wanting to buy the latest Mercedes trapping yourself in a Loan or a credit card mess, just to impress the neighbor ? Or to show off to your worthless relative? And you went for it and dragged yourself in to a huge financial mess? When you are 50 you will realize that you will need to treat yourself in such a way you would treat your most loved one. Your feelings matter and they should not depend on what others have to say or think

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5) Failing to finish what you started.

“I always wanted to become a lawyer I took the classes but had to stop it halfway and never got the chance to start again….” If you have not heard this or a similar statement It’s surprising. If your passion lies on something and you had to courage to start it never let it dry. The memory on the chances we didn’t take is the kind of feelings that kills you inside when you are growing old.

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6) Not Learning Something new.

You will kick yourself when you realize the things that you never learnt but always wanted to. Remember how you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar? Or how you wanted to learn a new language?

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7) Supporting others dreams over your own

Farrah Gray — ‘Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.’

Don’t let yourself be the victim here. Or you will regret

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