5 Tips: How an Athlete Removes Weed from Body

If you are a professional athlete, you should know how important it is to stay clean and test negative for drugs. Being tested positive for weed at the wrong time can cost you your career or cause problems in your life. In addition, your team doesn’t want to be associated with a player who uses drugs, especially marijuana. So, if you’re an athlete, you must learn how to pass a drug test for weed.

For instance, after taking a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Assessment (SAMHSA), many athletes are asked if they have used marijuana in the past year. If you have answered yes, your chances of playing in the NFL may be over. The NFL is strict about this and will not tolerate players who habitually use marijuana.

One of the most common questions asked by sports athletes is: “how long does it take for weed to leave system for an athlete?” But there is no straightforward answer.

There is no way to get weed out of your system quickly, but there are ways to pass a test in the fastest possible time. Follow the tips in this article, and you will be able to pass a drug test for weed before it even matters. But first, what are the types of tests available?

Type of Drug Tests

You can be tested for drugs through your urine, blood, saliva, or hair. Blood tests are the most powerful and most invasive. Urine tests can detect recent use for up to a week and measure the amount of metabolites in your system. Saliva tests are less invasive but less accurate. They’re often used to confirm a positive result from a urine test or provide an estimate of how recently you used drugs.

The most common types of weed tests are:

Saliva test

Saliva tests are the most common type of drug test. They usually involve swabbing the inside of your cheek with a cotton swab. They’re not very accurate but can be used to spot traces of certain drugs such as marijuana and cocaine.

Blood test

This is the gold standard and usually requires a visit to the lab. It’s expensive, but it’s also the only way to detect recent weed use. Blood tests can see whether you’ve taken weeds or drugs within a few days or weeks of using them, depending on what’s in your system at the time of testing. 


This is a common type of drug test that measures the amount of drugs in your system. Urine samples are typically tested within 24 hours, so it’s essential to avoid any activity that could affect your sample before that time. 

Hair follicle

This type of test involves taking a small piece from your head (usually from the crown) then sending it to a lab for analysis. The lab looks for drugs in up to 30 different hair strands, so this method is very accurate. 

How an athlete can remove weed from the body

Drink lots of water

You’ve probably noticed that marijuana effects are identical to those of alcohol. The visual effects are similar, and the high tends to last longer. That’s why it can be challenging to stop using marijuana. By taking a daily drink of water, you can readily flush away the THC and other chemicals that have been absorbed into the bloodstream.

As an alternative, squeezing fresh lemon juice into water is more effective at flushing out marijuana toxins.

Herbal supplements

Use herbal supplements that contain something that can bind with THC metabolites, like green tea or ginseng root extract. You can also use chamomile tea or aloe vera gel if you’re worried about being seen drinking something that looks suspicious by the testing company’s employees. 

This type of supplement won’t remove all traces of THC from your system. 

Vitamin supplements

People have been using vitamins for decades to help speed up metabolism and help speed up weight loss efforts. For example, low-dose vitamin B12 supplements have been known to help detoxification. However, they shouldn’t be used long-term because they can lead to serious health problems over time.

Exercise until your body temperature rises. 

This can take anywhere from two to six hours, depending on how hot it is outside. The most efficient way to work up a sweat is with a sauna or hot bath.

Exercise in the same room as the detox system you’re using will not only help your body flush out toxins at an accelerated rate, but it will also allow your sweat to carry toxins through your system into the water.

Sweat can contain up to 2 times more chemicals than urine, so many people choose to shower after their workout. 

Detox pills

You can detox from weed by taking a supplement that will flush the drug from your body. There are two ways detox pills remove weed from your body:

Acute detox — This method involves taking a supplement that will bind with THC molecules and flush them from your system.

Sub-acute detox — This method involves taking a supplement for up to four weeks, after which your system will clear the drug from your body. 


In general, marijuana stays in your body anywhere from 4 to 17 days after use. Heavy users can take a month or longer to purge it thoroughly. 

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