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5 Most Common Mistakes in Project Management That Can Cost You a Lot

5 Most Common Mistakes in Project Management That Can Cost You a Lot

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Project management consists of lots of different components. Effective time and resource management, planning, and some good old organization. Since there are a lot of aspects to worry about, plenty can go wrong. And surprisingly, many project managers keep falling into the same sinkholes that impede their success. The reason could be anything, from not using contact and project management software to missing out on key details.

Here are 7 common mistakes to look out for when managing clients’ projects.

Picking a Manager Who’s Not a Good Fit

First of all, companies that hire inexperienced and unqualified project managers, fail, more often than not. Sure, newbies can learn during the process, but learning means mistakes, which you cannot afford, especially in a sensitive project.

Secondly, decision-makers often underestimate the importance of picking the absolute best fit for a project. Project managers or managers, in general, have pretty vague job descriptions, due to which wrong people are hired for the job. Therefore, it is important that teams sit down and list down all the unique attributes and skills they are looking for in a manager for a specific project. This will help them find the best possible candidate who understands the challenges, weaknesses, and the ultimate goal.

Not Breaking the Project Down into Small Components

Handling a large-scale project can be overwhelming, and that is when most project managers tend to screw the pooch. Which then leads to overstepping deadlines, wrongly estimating resources, and high costs. What good managers do is break the whole thing down into small doable tasks that not only make it easier for you to manage but for your team to accomplish as well. Moreover, an important part of it is assigning the right people the right task. Setting realistic and attainable goals for your team and yourself makes a daunting task manageable and something you can tackle on a day-to-day basis.

Forgetting About People Management

Project managers often get so concerned with crunching some numbers that they tend to forget about something that matters the most – people. Managers micromanage team members which leads to delays and higher expenditure of resources. Sometimes, miscommunication and not defining proper roles to each team member can also lead to major problems.

Not Using Project Management Tools

The number of project management software programs and tools keeps on increasing and they aren’t getting any less. It’s amazing how advanced and meticulously designed they can be, and it’s almost a shame to not make use of them.

Not only do they enable you to continuously move along the project at a good pace but also help you become more efficient and productive. They keep you and your team on the same page and let them know of all the changes made throughout.

Some also produce reports that clearly depict your progress and where the project is headed. In case you’re a small business not willing to invest in a project management tool, you can always look into the free versions of apps. However, it is important that you choose the best out of the lot. Since there are so many such tools available, doing this can be a little overwhelming. To save yourself from this confusion, you can safely pick BQE CORE and use it to ensure your business’s projects stay on track.

Failing to Adapt

Things change on a daily basis. The same goes for project management. It wouldn’t take seconds for things to go south. And sorry to break it to you, they will, at some point, no matter how hard we try. And when they do, you need someone who accepts the reality, the change in circumstances, and acts fast to resolve all the upcoming challenges. This is where your problem-solving and efficient reporting skills come into play. Therefore, for you to be a good team leader, you need to be proficient in them both.

That being said, project management can be a challenging task but if you steer clear of these aforementioned mistakes and not let them become huge problems, you’re good to go! 

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