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4 Ways to Get Free Press Release Distribution Services for Your Business

4 Ways to Get Free Press Release Distribution Services for Your Business

Press releases are the revolutionary tools in the global marketing world that maintain steady popularity throughout the decades. Businesses of all scales use them to spread the news of important events within the organization to their target audience and the investors. A well-crafted press release can easily get you the needed online exposure through vast press coverage in just a matter of days. Press releases are also the best option for budding businesses, which cannot afford to spend a fortune on advertising. You can always get free press release distributionservices by employing a reputed PR agency. Let’s discuss how you can distribute your press release for free:

1. Appoint a professional service

Your business will always have events that are worth conveying to the consumers. The easiest way to make your target audience aware of your brand is to get the assistance of a quality PR distribution agency. However, you can now find your ideal free press release distribution assistance by searching on Google. There are both free and paid PR sites that offer seamless distribution worldwide.

Free PR services

  • Distribute your PRs to a limited number of outlets and low-quality websites.
  • They are mostly full of spam and ads, making your PR campaign complicated and fruitless.
  • They do not provide any kinds of performance data.

Paid PR services 

  • guarantee placement on the major media outlets and premium websites in your industry.
  • Some of them offer free PR distribution without the setbacks of free PRs.
  • They offer full performance report to the users and more.

2. Contact the journalists directly

If you are looking for an alternate way to distribute your PR for free, you can pitch your story directly to the journalists.

  • Search the keywords related to your PR combined with your target location online. That way you can find the ideal media houses for your brand.
  • Research your target publications and know which journalists cover your industry. Observe their writing pattern and craft your PR around it.
  • Find their contact information by going through the website of the news outlets.
  • Greet the journalists by their name in the email pitch. Let them know you have read their work. Explain how your PR aligns with their style and how it is relevant to their readers.

3. Use social media

Social media is the best place to get noticed by the journalists and media houses in your industry. You can promote your press release on your pages and encourage your followers to share them as much as they can. This will definitely catch the attention of journalists who are always looking for stories that are relevant to their readers.

4. Contact bloggers and influencer

If you are unable to get your press release published on the top media houses, you can approach major bloggers and influencers in your specific market. Through their popularity, your story will easily get picked up by the journalists. Your press release will be distributed to the biggest news outlets in no time.