4 Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

4 Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

Our physical appearance can play a vital role in enhancing self-confidence. Most people take care of each body part to ensure it boosts their overall appeal. Nails play a significant part in keeping your hands safe. It acts as a strong shield that keeps out the environmental pollutants. Since we use our hands constantly all day, you should consider taking good care of your nails. Nails can also help detect your health condition. Weakened, soft, or brittle nails may indicate an underlying health condition. Problems like psoriasis, kidney disease, or liver disease can lead to deterioration of nail health. Such health problems require immediate medical attention. But, the techniques you follow to look after your nails may influence their strength and health.

Do you take time to pamper your nails or constantly pick or bite the cuticles? It does not matter how you treated your nails before. You can make a change for good. Allocate some time in your schedule to care for your nails. Well-groomed nails make you look chic and sophisticated. It can also transform your appeal. Here are some tips to follow to keep your nails healthy and attractive.

Wear Nail Polish


Many people limit themselves to painting nails for special occasions. Instead of restricting to wedding nails or party nails, wear it frequently. While painting your nails has a beauty factor, it also promotes healthy nails. Beautiful and vibrant nail colors can make your hands and legs look attractive. The components included in the nail polish may benefit hands and nails. The conditioning elements in nail paints and removers can condition and strengthen the nails. Before applying the nail paint, you clean the cuticles and dead skin. It may moisturize your nails and hands.

If you have no time to allocate for nail care, you can visit a professional nail technician. Visiting a nail care technician can also provide other benefits. They have an eye to check problems affecting the nails. It includes detecting sores or fungus requiring treatment. They can also keep the nails trimmed and shaped. It looks great when you go for a professional or personal meeting. The nail treatment from experts can ensure the moisturization of cuticles. It may safeguard the natural nail barrier. Regular appointments with a nail technician can help assess your nail health. It may help in treating any condition early before it becomes a problem. Also, professional pedicures and manicures may seem the best way to pamper your nails.

Take Collagen/Biotin Supplement

We take vitamins and minerals to boost overall fitness. Paying attention to your nails can keep them strong. You have to pay attention to your diet. Skin cells constitute nails, while the nail plate consists of keratin. Keratin is a type of protein that plays a part in nail growth. Hence, you need to supplement your diet with proteins and vitamins. To get your fill of keratin-building amino acids, you have to think about taking biotin and collagen supplements. They can prove effective in supporting nail health.

According to studies, biotin may aid in boosting the thickness and firmness of nails. Another study indicates that people taking biotin supplements may have 25% thicker nailbeds than others who took a placebo. Biotin, also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7 comes under the B-complex vitamin group. This vitamin can help with healthy cell growth. It also supports the metabolism of protein-building amino acids that promotes nail growth.

Similarly, collagen may also promote better nail health. A study indicated that people taking collagen for twenty-four weeks found a difference in their nail health. It showed better growth, reduced breakage, and a well-maintained appearance.

3. Apply Cuticle Oil Daily


Cuticle care can boost your nail health. When your cuticles become dehydrated or frayed, it may lead to damaged nailbeds. It also increases the chances of developing an infection when left untreated. Fungal infections can also trigger pain and discomfort. You can include cuticle oil in your nail care. The hydrating and moisturizing properties can safeguard the cuticle from getting damaged. Choose cuticle oils with fatty acids and vitamins for top-notch nail care. It can nourish the nails while filling the micro-cracks in your skin.

4. Clip Your Nails


While long nails may look elegant, they can cause problems. It increases the risks of hangnails or breakage. Trim your nails to avoid snags or breakage. You can clip them every two weeks. Adjust the frequency to check how your nails respond. Shorter nails with rounded edges can have an appeal. It seems easier to manage and less prone to snags. Short nails may also reduce additional wear and tear. Try to maintain uniform nail length for all fingers. It can make your fingers look attractive. You may not miss the extra length of the nails. Also, long nails can attract bacteria and dirt beneath them. It may lead to an increase in health problems.


Nail care tips suggested above can help you avoid feeling self-conscious about your nails and hands. Following the tips can transform the appearance of your nails. So, you may never have to worry about hiding your hands while going out or wearing gloves to mask the unattractiveness. Give your nails a chance to attract the attention of others by displaying them to others. Beautiful nails can also give you a confidence boost. Follow the tips to boost the health and appeal of your nails. It can reflect positively on other people’s opinions about you.

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