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11 Best custom-designed business websites

You can see how business websites have made a name for their products, including software apps, burgers, women’s clothes, and other food items. Small businesses must market themselves online, whether brick-and-mortar shops or startups. Here are website examples of doing it right.

To show you that no matter what products you sell, this platform is right for you. We have 11 small business websites.

Small Business Website Design Examples

Although there are thousands of small business websites that you can use, we believe these 11 will be a good starting point, no matter if you’re redesigning your website or wireframing the first one. These are all legitimate businesses. You can click on each link to visit the website. Let’s get started.

1. Traackr

It’s easy to mock influencer marketing — after all, we’ve all seen the Fyre Festival documentaries. However, the shallow aspects of social media should not be used to diminish the impact that influencer marketing can have. Many genuine influencers promote brands and products—traackr vets influencers and assists brands in properly leveraging their marketing power.

This small business website design is visually appealing thanks to eye-catching colors, blocks of staggering images, and scroll-triggered animations. However, this is more than a pretty website — case studies, testimonials, and other data demonstrate how their services produce accurate results.

2. Aroz Jewelry

Aroz, a Belgian jeweler, has created an exquisite website to sell and showcase its products. Aroz offers a wide range of accessories. Aroz greets customers with a full-width photo, then presents their items in a grid slider.

The website uses zoom-in animations, slide-in animations, and fade-in effects to increase visual impact as users scroll. Each section contains a description of the store and is capped with a contact form.

Aroz’s website includes a blog that features new collections and customer stories. These components create a unique, professional brand image that is sophisticated and elegant. This website is an excellent example of what an eCommerce website can be.

3. Velasca

Velasca is a manufacturer of handmade leather shoes and accessories made in Italy. The website showcases the brand’s unique Italian atmosphere. It is simple and clean. You will notice the high-quality images and carefully selected fonts. Each link has hand-drawn illustrations. These images help identify the type of accessories or shoes each link points to.

4. Chicago French Press

A tea shop can have a great website. Why not a coffee roaster? Chicago French Press offers a wide range of rotating flavors and donates a portion to charities and nonprofits. This website, like Bennett Tea’s, emphasizes the beauty of the product packaging. The website also uses color backgrounds to differentiate between flavors. This can be seen in the slider with full-width images on the homepage.Such type of websites can be made by end to end web development services  in USA.

It is simple to use the Chicago French Press store. You can search for criteria such as flavor, brewing process, bag size, or other factors. The website also has recipe posts for how to combine their flavors with food.

5. Millaw Kids

Many small businesses selling products have limited ranges. This cute store sells kids’ apparel. Use the home page to your advantage if your brand is similar. The website features its appealing products below the hero image so potential customers can shop immediately.

Each page is designed to reflect the small business’s values. Don’t be afraid of creating a simple website if your company has a clear objective.


Running a small business or startup requires a lot of effort. MOAT is here to help. MOAT helps entrepreneurs and companies turn their ideas into digital products. They also help with branding and website design. MOAT’s website, a small business, is an excellent example of using a minimalist color scheme to create a simple, easy method for the eyes. It is professional and clean, making a great first impression for potential clients visiting their homepage.

They do a fantastic job of having a clear call to action (CTA) in the footer so potential clients can contact them and find out more.

7. Madsen

Madsen creates and sells “Bucket Bikes,” unique bikes for all ages. The website reflects the brand’s values of comfort and fun. Bright, bold colors convey a sense of fun and joy. Customers can also find many videos to help them get the most from their purchases.

8. Nalen Ayurveda

This website for a small business is an excellent example of a subtle responsive design. The top bar and product thumbnails are accessible via the cursor.

The web design here reflects the calmness of the brand. Subtlety is the key to web design. The colors used in the web design match the ones on the product packaging. A website must have a vital hero section. This is the part people first see. This site is an excellent example of how to get them to pay attention with solid branding and imagery.

9. Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner

Perhaps I am biased toward sustainable cleaning products, but Good Vibes All Purpose cleaner presents an easy-to-use eCommerce site that conveys its philosophy and offers seamlessly.

Good Vibes doesn’t overdo it with product displays. Products are displayed in a grid format, just like you would expect. Good Vibes also features testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers to instill confidence in potential buyers. Every product page has descriptions, cleaning instructions, ingredients, and reviews. This is enough to make a good impression without using visual tricks.

10. Paragon Oak

Paragon Oak operates in the construction industry and its website presents an outstanding first impression to visitors. Visually, the design looks great with a full-screen background image. As far as functionality is concerned, visitors will easily find all of the important details related to Paragon Oak’s services and the process they use. The site includes several case studies from past projects, giving details of the work done and including high-quality photos.

11. Wrightwood Furniture

Wrightwood Furniture, a Chicago store that makes more than 12% of its revenues from its Shopify site, can now make over 12%. The website’s homepage features a fantastic image of the furniture store. The menu is easy to navigate and contains pictures. A search filter is also available on the website.

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