10 Classic Handbag Styles to Consider for Your Closet in 2022 

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Every fashionable woman has to own at least one handbag. These items are perfect for sprucing up an outfit or adding visual interest, in addition to making it convenient to carry around your daily supplies. Numerous variations exist to cater to a wide range of situations and personal tastes.

1. Shoulder Bags

The shoulder bag is a versatile accessory that may be carried in a number of ways and is available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Designer shoulder bags, typically rectangular in shape, made from premium leather, and featuring two carry straps, are considered by many to be the pinnacle of the handbag world. Names like Prada, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade come to mind.

Many shoulder bags also come with shorter handles and can be carried by hand or slung over one shoulder, but many women still choose to carry them by their short straps or rest them casually on one arm.

2. Plastic Carry-Alls

Tote bags can be found in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials, patterns, and colors. Some, like shopping totes, resemble shoulder bags but often have more space and are used specifically for carrying shopping items. It is hoped that a number of freshly acquired objects can be stowed away conveniently in such a bag. Others, such as executive styles, are fashionable yet practical. Most totes are rectangular, however, the width may exceed the length or vice versa.

3. Sling Bag

Because of their practicality, crossbody purses have exploded into the fashion landscape. They allow you to have your hands free while you’re on the road or have other stuff to carry. The bags received their name because the strap was long enough to be worn across the body. Some women sling this strap over their shoulder to emphasize its high fashion, slapdash quality.

4. Satchels

Satchels are similar to crossbody bags however they are more specialized in shape. Crossbody bags can be round or square and feature a zip or clasp fastening, whereas satchels are nearly generally rectangular in design with an envelope flap and dual buckle fastening. These make terrific everyday handbags.

Furthermore, as well as having a long crossbody strap, satchels tend to have a unique, short strap at the top that makes it easy to grab in a hurry. These are every woman’s favorite when they shop handbags.

5. The Clutch

On the town, on a date, or at a formal event, a clutch bag is an absolute must-have. There is a wide range of alternatives from which to choose, including those that are soft and slouchy as well as others that are beaded and boxy.

The lack of room for essentials is the only real drawback of clutch bags. To attend a big event, you may discover that you can only bring the bare essentials, such as your keys, cards, and phone. And the best thing is that they are easily available in any handbag shop

6. The Bucket bag

Because of their distinctive shape, bucket bags have been given this name. They typically feature a long strap that may be worn across the body and are closed with a drawstring at the top. In some cases, they also include a shorter strap.

Whether it’s made of tough leather or adorable embroidery, the bucket bag is a roomy tote with plenty of space for all your stuff.

7. Large duffel Bags

If you’re a busy parent, student, or gym-goer, a classic duffel bag is your best bet. In order to accommodate a huge quantity of objects, they typically come in a large size and a boxy form. However, tiny duffels and barrel bags are currently becoming as fashionable accessories for casual wear. They have one long strap that can be worn across the body and two shorter handles.

Duffles are often constructed from watertight canvas or nylon, which makes them a breeze to clean. If you’re looking for something a little more high-end, a leather duffle bag is a great option. You can get a mini duffle or a barrel bag in fabric, leather, or any other material you like.

8. Hobo

The hobo bag’s distinctive form makes it a type of shoulder bag. They are well-liked because of their roomy functionality and stylish design. This style of purse is characterized by its slouchy form, usually a half-moon or trapezoid with a single handle and an angled zip closure. However, other boxier variants with two handles and a press stud closure are also very prevalent.

9. Sending Bags for Messages

Messenger bags, which are popular among both sexes, are made to meet the needs of a particular way of life. These bags are perfect for anyone on the road, whether you’re a student, a working woman, or a mother with a lot of school supplies to carry.

Messenger bags come in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs, but they are typically rectangular and designed to be carried across the body with a long strap.

10. Bags that can be carried on the back

There’s no denying that a backpack purse is the most functional alternative for women who prefer to avoid carrying anything in their hands at all times. Wearing a backpack on your back with its two straps evenly distributes the weight of your belongings, protecting your shoulders and back from strain.

They come in a wide range of sizes, although even the largest ones are often significantly smaller than a standard backpack. However, even though this is a more casual bag form, there has been an increase in fashionable options in backpack purses, such as designer looks.


Although handbags have an important functional purpose, they can also be utilized as a stylish accent. Don’t be hesitant to try new things until you find the combination that best suits your needs, personality, and the event at hand.

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